Going with the flow – and the momentum

Whether you’re trying to figure out your next career move or grow your business, it’s important to build some momentum to get the ball rolling and accomplish your goal.

So how do you build up that momentum?

A few months ago my coaching and Pilates businesses were extremely slow. I was getting a little frustrated and thought to myself: “Girl, what’s going on? Why are these things not picking up and growing?” And then on one of my continuing-education calls someone asked a really powerful question that changed the way I work.

After making this simple, yet very effective adjustment, I’ve doubled my coaching clients and added more Pilates clients, too. I also came up with a new program I’ll be running during the summer (click here for more information about that.).

It has triggered an absolute snowball effect, and I’ve never felt this invigorated or excited to achieve my goals.

Ask yourself this:

“What am I doing right now to grow my business?”

Even if you’re not a business owner or your goals are completely different, this question applies to you and your situation. So now I’d love to hear what your dream is and how you’ll use this question to get there. Fill in the blank and leave your response in the comments section: “What am I doing right now to achieve my goal of _____________?”



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