Growing a business by utilizing your network with Janice Carte

Janice Carte, the founder of Tiny Spoon Chef, a Boston-based personal chef bringing healthy, deeply flavorful food to your home every week. She works with busy families, single professionals, and working couples to bring excitement and pleasure to mealtimes at home.

After years in the restaurant scene and day job was completely not engaging, Tiny Spoon Chef began with Janice cooking for a single client at their home.

On paper, she’s an expert in food. In reality, her superpower is relationships.

business relationships

In this Episode:

On today’s episode we talk about like many business owners during this time of uncertainty feeling the need to lower their prices to still continue to operate in their business.

However, this did not help provide them any relief as they were still working the same amount of time for half of the price. This leads to the business making half of the profits for the same amount of time leaving little to no room to scale your business.

She realized that to have a successful business that allowed her to work on her craft and grow her business she needed to cultivate her business to reflect the value that she was putting in.

When building Tiny Spoon Chef, Janice has made relationship building a cornerstone to its success. For The Tiny Chef, relationship building allows her to make sure people feel seen, feel human, and feel supported.

When doing these things and building the relationships, the business came organically from a loving and genuine place.

Janice also shares some successful business tips and marketing success stories that helped implement, perfect, and grow her business.

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