Growing from one location with three part-time employees to three locations and 10 full-time employees.

Meet Courtney Culnane, Pshychotherapist & Owner of Leeward Counseling

Before working with Hanneke: 

  • Courtney had a small office & three part-time employees and was squeaking by financially. 

Why Courtney decided to hire Hanneke: 

“I was sick of overworking and making less money than being alone in private practice, so I decided to look into a business coach.” 

Transformation experienced as a result of working with Hanneke:

“Hanneke helped me to define what a leader truly is, one that is caring AND has high standards and boundaries. Personally, she’s helped me get through so much self-doubt that I didn’t even know I was harboring.”

Team transformation:

  1. Helped me and my executive team clarify our vision and define our roles 
  2. Learn to have difficult conversations and improve company communication

Changes that happened in the way the business is managed as a result of working with Hanneke : 

  1. Most challenges have been with the interpersonal dynamics of having and growing a team and Hanneke has helped me navigate that, check my emotions and be the best leader that I want to be.
  2. She’s helped me time manage much better so that I can comfortably focus on what I like to do and am the best at. 
  3. She’s also given me the encouragement and mindset support to grow my business in a way I didn’t see as possible. 

End Result:

  • Increased profits, expanded to three locations and 10 full-time employees
  • Completely transformed the business to run more efficiently with proper lines of communication

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