Here’s why you need to zip the lip and listen up!

Is your mind racing like crazy lately? Let’s not kid ourselves, summer is absolutely nuts – parties, barbecues, weddings and what not. It’s no secret that all this running around will also transcend to your thoughts racing around. This can leave you feeling restless and a little uncomfortable.

This kinda reminds me of when I was in my early twenties and I could never be alone at home. I was always on the go, running away from being with myself. I was literally afraid to be by myself and sit with my thoughts. This was due to most of my thoughts being very negative and self loathing.

How sad is that? When I think back at my 23 year old self, I wish I could give that girl a big hug and tell her to calm down, be quiet and listen up!

Luckily I’ve long outgrown that behavior and these days I actually crave my alone time and get really grumpy when I don’t get a decent amount of “me” time.

So what changed? Well – you see it’s a little bit of a lot of things:

1) Through coaching I learned how to love myself and actually be nice to me. As women we tend to have tons of negative self chatter. We seriously are complete bee-atches to ourselves. So how can you stop being mean to yourself? Here’s how…and let’s tweet it too!

Click to tweet it: “If you were your best girlfriend what advice would you give yourself right now?”

I doubt your best friend is a mean witch that bashes you the whole time. Start treating yourself like your BFF. Be kind and be honest with yourself!

2) I started meditating. If you’ve met me in a social setting you know I talk really fast and when I tell stories I tend to interrupt myself. My mind can’t always keep up with my mouth. It also doesn’t help that English is my second language! Maybe you can relate. Women tend to have a gazillion thoughts a minute. Hello? Of course we do – that’s why we multitask so well! However with all that chatter, becoming calm and quiet can be very challenging. Meditation has really helped me to zip it and hone in on my inner wisdom.

Here’s why you need to zip the lip and listen up:

As a coach, I believe that everything we need is already inside ourselves. We have the power to do and achieve everything we dream of. For me a way of connecting with that wisdom is meditation.

I will often get myself stuck on what to do or how to solve a problem. In these moments I’ll take a deep breath, set my alarm for 5 minutes, ask the specific question I’m struggling to solve, and then just sit back and be quiet!

It’s amazing what creative ideas you can come up with in just 5 minutes of zipping it and listening. As soon as I’m done with the 5 minutes, I’ll write down everything that came up during the meditation. It’s like magic – no problems at all!

It truly is as Carrie says in SATC: “The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself” – so be sure to work on that relationship just like you would on any relationship that you cherish.


Ok now I’d love to hear from you in the comments below: Do you have a secret weapon to help you shut down the negative chatter? How do you calm down and relax? Tell us and share so that others can benefit!

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