{Podcast} How to stop hiding, and play big!

Hiding – My mom is currently visiting me from South Africa, and it’s been so lovely! We’ve been having some wonderful conversations and I’m reminded just how much I’ve changed since living in South Africa over a decade ago.

One of the changes has been my perception of self-promotion/marketing. Something every entrepreneur has to do a lot of in order to grow their business. South African culture prides itself on always being humble and condemns boastfulness. This value caused severe sabotage earlier in my entrepreneurial journey.  In the beginning, it felt so wrong to go against my culture’s values and I often had thoughts like: “What are my South African friends going to think?” And this led to me hiding in my business quite a bit. It took me a long time to overcome the “It’s not humble to promote” limiting belief.

In today’s episode of the Savvy Business Show Podcast, I share more on how I overcame this belief. I’ll also help you identify how you’re hiding in your business (as it’s different for all of us) and how to stop doing it so you can put yourself out there in a MASSIVE BOLD (And brave) way!

We’ll look at the following:
  1. What do I mean when I say you’re hiding
  2. How you know you’re hiding
  3. The ways that you may be hiding in your business
  4. What’s keeping you stuck
  5. How to get rid of this force and put yourself out there in a MASSIVE WAY

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