How I wrote a book in 90 days – Part 1

That’s right! I wrote a BOOK! And I’ve decided to take you on the behind the scenes journey that leads to this miracle I once thought would not be possible.

But before I share more on how I wrote a book in 90 days, a mission impossible cum miracle.

I do want to acknowledge that now is a hard time for A LOT of people. The idea of celebrating something may feel completely wrong or may fill you with guilt. You may even think: “Hanneke – really!? How tone-deaf can you be!?”

I hear you. I sat with that guilt for quite a bit before sending this email.

It took me back to my morning walk today. I spotted a nurse in a parking lot, walking to work and I immediately started clapping for her. I completely caught her by surprise and it brought a huge smile it to her face as she walked into her office. That, in turn, brought tears to my eyes.

And it solidified something big for me: my role now (and always) is to inspire and be a beacon of hope when others can’t see it. That’s the vision I hold for my clients and that’s the space I hold for you too.

I’m here to inspire and give hope – despite the hardships and odds we face. I am here to allow you to feel whatever you need, and then help you find the solution that’s gonna get us out of this mess.

AND that’s why I wanted you to share in this celebration with me.

My hope is that what I’m about to share with you, will inspire you too.

Here’s how I know my news can do that for you: When we see others do big things, it pulls us into action to do big, scary, and hard things in our own lives as well. Other’s accomplishments inspire and motivate us – when we choose for it to do that for us.

May my celebration be that source for you today.

Ok, ready to celebrate?

Today’s blog entry is the first of a two-part series where I take you behind the scenes of how I wrote this book so darn quickly!

I remember the day back in 2014 when I told one of my closest friends in Boston that I was going to get my coaching certification. She was so excited for me and told me that just that morning she had been watching the morning show and they were interviewing a life coach who had written a book. 

“You’re going to write one too!” She declared. 

I immediately felt my insides contract. Me? I suck at writing. There’s no way that I’ll be able to write a full-blown book – EVER. 

It turns out that limiting belief that I had about myself and my abilities were completely false! 

Not only, did I write a book, but I did it in under 90 days while traveling to South Africa for three weeks, and Florida for five days. I wrote while still running my business, and serving clients full time. And during the last month of writing the pandemic was in full swing, by then writing became my happy escape from it all, and that helped to finish it in record time.

So, how did I do it!? 

Through the powerful toolkit that I’ve amassed since hiring my first life coach over 13 years ago, and the coaching expertise I gained when I became a certified coach. Yup, I used all of the strategies I use daily with clients on myself. It’s also the very process I share in my book! It helped me stay as focused as I could be and as a result, I was able to finish the first draft of my book in under 90 days. 

And here are TWO of the FOUR ingredients that helped me write a book in 90 days: 

1: I made a commitment to myself. 

This is actually the very first step in the process that I share in my book too. When you commit to doing whatever it takes to overcome obstacles, you empower yourself to do the hard things. The things that you once thought would be completely impossible. Which for me was writing a book!

“that’s what makes the commitment even more important, without the commitment to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goal, you won’t get up and face the music. You won’t do the hard things. You won’t stand up for yourself. 

Making this commitment will help you to expand into your fullest creative potential while you’re here on earth. You’re here to grow and achieve everything that you’re capable of.“

~ an excerpt from Chapter 1 in my first draft of the book

And as I explain in my book, that process starts with a very clear commitment to yourself.

I committed to writing a book no matter what tin 2020.

2: Get a good editor

Back when I was still running my Pilates business, I had the pleasure of meeting a music critic at the Boston Globe, who became a very close friend over the years. And he ended up being my editor for a while when I first started blogging and writing newsletters.

When I had the idea to write a book, I immediately knew that I wanted him to be my editor. 

My book is a combination of a memoir that meets self-development books, and due to the very personal and vulnerable stories I share, I knew that I would want someone who knew me to be my editor. 

So at the end of 2020, I sat across from my friend, who has since become an editor at The Los Angeles Times, who had immediately agreed to help me when I called him. Over a very L.A. brunch, the two of us brainstormed the framework of the book.


First meeting with my editor in L.A. over breakfast.

Don’t miss part two, containing two more strategies that practically had the book write itself. I’ll also be sharing other behind the scenes stories of my book, including the name, meet my editor, and most importantly – learn how this book is going to help you grow your business with confidence and ease too. Sign up below!

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