How she’s growing now w/ Janet Mesh

In the next few episodes of The Savvy Business Show, we’re going to interview some of the phenomenal business owners who in-spite of the current COVID-19 situation have been able to not only show up but either grow or sustain their businesses. 

Our distinguished guest today is Janet Mesh, who is the CEO and Co-founder of Aimtal, a digital marketing agency that provides digital and content marketing services to clients.

Let’s dive in…

Now, why is it important for us to listen to them? Well, when we see other people do amazing and great things, it inspires us to continue to step up, show up, while creating and achieving our goals and the impact (plus change) we want to see in the world. That is why I wanted to bring back today Janet Mesh.

After freelancing full time for two years, Janet decided to start the digital marketing agency to scale her marketing offers.  I have known Janet for quite a while. She has been a client of mine and I have just been so impressed with how she has built her business to work remotely so fast and everything that she’s accomplished since starting her business.

I specifically wanted to bring her back here today to tell us how she has helped her clients to pivot and innovate during this time and what mindset shifts she has had to make to continue to show up and lead her team from her highest self.

One of the key things that Janet and her team focused on was communication. Having a remote team all over the world it was important to Aimtel to tighten up their communications from the beginning. They felt this was important so that their team would be able to communicate their needs as well as continue to support their clients. They used this time to also helo their clients better communicate with their teams.

Janet’s team also made sure that they kept a pulse on what was planned in the upcoming months for their clients. This allowed them to shift their conferences and marketing efforts towards webinars and online marketing strategies.

Come find out more and how Janet and her team at Aimtel used their resources and gratitude to help them pivot and sustain their business.


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