How this business owner got clarity in her business and grew to a private pay company.

Meet Courtney

Courtney is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who earned her bachelor’s degree from Boston College. She earned her master’s degree from the Boston University School of Medicine.

With over 10 years of counseling experience. Courtney believes in new-age counseling and making the therapy experience all about meeting the client’s needs.

She believes that humor and shared experience can be a very powerful part of the rapport process that she uses in all her work.

Courtney specializes in adolescents and adults struggling with depression and anxiety/stress symptoms. Her clients describe her as a skilled, personable, understanding therapist.

Other ways Courtney works with clients are in relationship and self-esteem issues, eating disorders, self-harm amongst many others. She also uses therapy dogs as part of her work and has a degree in Sport Psychology.

Client Challenge: 

Courtney has been a private client since 2018. This year she also joined our Savvy CEO Mastermind Community where members get both private CEO coaching and mastermind hot seat calls.

When Courtney and I started working together she had a small office & 3 part-time employees and was just squeaking by financially.

I was sick of overworking and making less money than being alone in private practice so I decided to look into a business coach.

Courtney Culnane, Owner & Clinical Therapist

Hanneke’s Solution:

Working with a coach will help you professionally in so many ways.

Hanneke helped Courtney and her executive team clarify their vision and define their roles as well as learn to have difficult conversations so they don’t sweep things under the rug because they “feel bad”.

Hanneke has helped Courtney over the years define what a leader truly is, one that is caring AND has high standards and boundaries.

Courtney says, “Personally, she’s helped me get through so much self-doubt that I didn’t even know I was harboring.


Today, Courtney has 2 large offices with 10 full-time employees. She has switched to being a completely private pay business which sets her company to a higher caliber and apart from all the competition.

“I work 8-4 Monday-Thursday, work from home on Fridays and don’t feel guilty (most of the time!),” said Courtney.

Most important, I have an employee structure that allows me to do what I do best while the company runs smoothly.

“She’s helped me time manage much better so that I can comfortably focus on what I like to do and am the best at.”

She’s also given me the encouragement and mindset support to grow my business in a way I didn’t see as possible.

Courtney Culnane, Owner & Clinical Therapist

CEO Intensive + Team Building:

“The CEO intensive was a great opportunity to step back and look at all aspects of my company to see what needs tweaking, focusing on the big picture as opposed to the “issue of the day”. “


“I just recommended Hanneke 2 days ago actually. My client’s husband is struggling to launch his business because of his self-doubt and fearful mindset. At the end of the day, mindset is what this all boils down to,” said Courtney.