How to bounce back from failure

Today we’re going to be looking at how you can bounce back from failure.



We’re all terrified of failing, and that’s okay. Right? It comes with the territory every single time that we step into the unknown. But it’s also essential for you to remember that failure is part of life.
Think about it, as a baby, when you started walking, you failed over and over again. You stood up and fell back down again, and you didn’t let that stop you. Or think about when you were learning to ride your bike when you were little. How many times did you fall off? And then, when we started eating we couldn’t find our mouths. We would keep picking up the food and dropping it in our laps. Eventually, we did succeed, but the only way we got there was because we kept going and kept trying and eventually we figured it out.
Failure is something that you’ll have to accept will happen in your business and career. You will most likely at some point land in the wrong job, I did!  And in business, you are sometimes going to try things that are not going to go as planned and you’ll fail.
The important thing to overcome is to stop the fear of failure from keeping us back. Right? You want to get clear on what you’re afraid of and then work with that fear to help you move forward.

The bigger question is: Once you’ve failed, how do you bounce back?
  1. You want to make sure that you forgive yourself. Women have a tendency to beat ourselves up and have negative chatter going on in our heads, and that doesn’t help the situation. If anything it is preventing you from moving on and succeeding in future because you keep pushing yourself down with the mean voice in your head.
  2. You really want to assess the situation, and then you want to ask yourself, “Okay, what exactly is it that went wrong and how can I make this better in future?”
  3. Lastly, you want to make those adjustments and improvements, and then get right back at it and try again.

As Michael Jordan says,

“I have failed over and over and over again and that is how I succeed.”

You can overcome any failure.
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