How to Grow Credibility and Visibility Fast in Your Business?

Today, on the Savvy Business Show I talk with Alessandra Pollina about how to gain credibility and visibility fast in your business. Alessandra is a member of the Savvy Business Masterminds.

Alessandra has been part of the Mastermind community for the last year now and over this year Alessandra has hit so many amazing milestones in her business.

Her success includes finally cracking the elusive six-figure revenue mark, rented her first full-time office space, she also expanded her team and hired her first employee.

Alessandra holds a bachelor of science in communications from Boston University’s College of communications. Throughout her college years, she held many internships in the PR field at some of the best agencies in Boston.

This vast array of experiences became the foundation of Alessandra’s PR career and positioned her to launch her own company, Pollina PR + Marketing, a full-service boutique PR and marketing agency, in 2012 at just 23 years old.

Alessandra also loves to work one on one with business owners to train them on the tactics, strategy, and implementation best-practices for carrying out their own PR and marketing.

She’s also the founder of the Female Millennial Entrepreneurs Boston networking group and she also launched The Female Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast in 2019.

Let’s dive in…

In the entrepreneurial world, people tend to follow around a little bit before they realize what’s best for them.

Sometimes I say this to people that we think, it’s so much pressure to decide what to do and there’re so many things we might enjoy doing or wanting to do, but make a conscious decision, pick something and stick with it.

Sometimes we all like doing stuff a little bit here and there but when it comes to my business, I stay pretty consistent, as I was able to build it into something.

Who are my clients?

  • Clients are mostly from small to mid-sized businesses
  • It’s a LOT more about people you’re working with and not the type of businesses you’re catering to
  • Enjoying who you’re working with is more important than which business they belong to
  • Constraining to some specific type becomes frustrating – marketing one-on-one, right there for everyone
  • It all boils down to what clients want, what they want out of it and where I specialize in what I provide them, a lot more than I specialize in working with this type of client.

What do I do for my clients?

  • Media relations side of things – media outreach for clients
  • PR and marketing services

How do you talk to people who say: “yeah PR….., I’ve heard about it and that I’m never quite sure if it’s worth it” – how would you explain or speak to someone like that on the fence of the value of PR?

I try explaining:
  • It helps build your reputation so well and so fast because
  • If you’re getting yourself out there, people are seeing and hearing about whatever you do and that you exist for them to be reached out to
  • It helps to reach out to your target audience
  • PR helps you to get in front of much wider audiences in less of a targetted way like you’re not emailing a specific list of people who’ve already found you and signed up for something
  • It also helps build credibility especially online through the links wherever you’ve been featured
  • Clients and consumers can find you while researching online and can refer to others also building a web of connections around you

There are other ways easier to do yourself which is faster to carry out too like getting yourself out through a podcast, post to a website or editorial or letter to the editor or newspaper or something like that….. it’s like something you’ve actually created and you’re placing it somewhere else which is even one step further than content marketing.

Some other PR ways to reach out

  • If you’re a local business like for pilates or something, one could partner with other local brands and put on an event together in a way where you’re essentially sharing lists or audiences where you reach out to their audience and vice versa
  • Any time when your business or your company or yourself is interacting with your public which can be anybody or anything to do with like if you’re a big company, investor relations, employee relations, customer relations fall under that and not just selling or marketing stuff

When its time to hire a PR agency?

  • When it becomes too much time consuming and that you can afford to hire someone
  • There’s a need to build relationships and maintain consistency
  • When you know reaching out to people is not your forte and not something you enjoy doing the most and that you also don’t have the bandwidth for it

How the DIY PR COURSE helps people?

  • It’s a step-by-step process like creating your media kit, how will you be presenting your business, what you want to be promoting
  • Instead of overwhelming your audience, it encourages you to pick up only two or maybe three things that are your messages for the next six months or so – you don’t need a ton of different messages and pitches
  • Keep it as simple as possible
  • Doing yourself is sometimes best as you’re going to be providing a real personalized pitch than somebody else is putting it out for you

You can find Alessandra at Pollina PR or on Instagram.

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