How to hire the right coach/consultant for your business

Are you looking to hire a coach in 2022? I’m so excited for you. Asking for help can be daunting. Especially in a world where we receive a lot of subliminal messaging and headlines about “self-made” entrepreneurs. The truth is: behind every successful business person, there is an entire team of people and customers who helped them to get there. 

And I’m here to help business owners assemble that rock star team! 

To be of the highest service to you: 

I’ll be releasing a series of quick blog posts over the next few weeks with key elements that you must know and keep in mind when hiring your next business coach.

The success of your investment and the results you get greatly depend on hiring the right business coach for your business.

Hanneke Antonelli

Here are the topics I’ll cover in the weeks to come: 

  • What to do before you start looking for a coach
  • What to do before you book a call with coach  
  • Interview questions to ask your coach
  • Red flags when it comes to coaches & where to find qualified coaches
  • The difference between teaching, coaching, and consulting and when you need what.

So let’s dive into today’s topic:

Hire the best coach for you – What to do before you start looking for a coach 

I’ve heard of way too many people who hired the wrong coach and wasted lots of money and time in the process. This is damaging to both their business and the coaching industry as a whole.

So, let’s ensure that you hire the right person. 

Much like baking, hiring a coach also requires a little pre-work. First, you have to identify what you’re going to bake (i.e. what are your goals/ what challenges do you need help with) and then get the right ingredients to ensure that your cake doesn’t fall flat. 

Answer these questions to get clear on whom you need in your business: 

1  – What are your goals right now? 

Be as specific as possible. 

Are you looking to grow your business by growing your team? 

Or are you looking to grow online? 

What do you want for your business and your life?

2 – What specific challenges do you face right now?

Are you burnt out?

Are you not feeling confident about the future of your business? 

Do you need more clients?

Do you have too many clients?

Are you looking to create more freedom? 

Do you need help delegating 

Do you need help with leadership development?

And/or do you need help hiring?

3 – How long have you been in business: 

1- 2 years?

3- 10 years?

10 + years? 

Pinpoint exactly where you’re experiencing pain points in your business. 

Here’s what to do next: 

Based on your answers above: 

Identify what experience the business coach or consultant will need to have to help you. I’ve given a few pointers below, based on how you answered the questions above.

  • Looking to get more clients, you’re probably looking for someone with a strong marketing and sales background or someone who can help you boost your confidence to become more visible 
  • Looking to grow your team, you’re most likely looking for someone who has experience with leadership development, company structure, and systems. 
  • Burnt out or struggling with confidence, you want to make sure that you hire someone who specifically focuses on mindset work and business development.
  • A seasoned entrepreneur, you want to ensure that you hire someone who has experience working with business owners who have businesses the size of your company / your industry / or have been in business as long as you have been. 

Beware of those who say things like: I built an x-figure business and now I’ll show you how. Your path to success will be unique, yes – you can absolutely get pointers from people who have succeeded in an area you want to succeed in,  but keep in mind that your road to success may look way different, based on your long-term goals, your personality strengths, and more. If it was truly that easy to follow a five-step blueprint to success, everyone would be millionaires.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next blog post, where I’ll be going deep on 

  • What to do before you book a call with the coach   — coming November 30th!

In the meantime: 

If you’re having trouble with any of the above — I’d be happy to hop on a quick call with you to identify what and who you need to hire to help you prosper in 2022. 

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