How to keep from spreading yourself too thin.

I figured today’s topic would be a good follow-up entry to our last one: “How to become an achieving machine.

When we have a lot of goals we’d like to accomplish, it’s easy to get completely overwhelmed. Suddenly, instead of feeling excited about a new project, we’re too busy to enjoy it. So how do you do everything you love and shine bright, without burning out?

I always ask and answer these questions when things get intense and I’m not sure what to pursue and where to begin:
1. What is my ultimate, long-term goal?
2. Which projects will help me to reach it? If there are a few things on the list that have nothing to do with my goal, I’ll move those items to the bottom and consider them the least important things to do.
3. What needs to be done first? What’s most pressing or important?

And lastly I give myself permission to say no to things that won’t serve me in my quest to complete the project. By answering those three questions and learning to say no (I know: It’s hard!), I understand what’s important, how to prioritize it, and achieve that success faster.

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