{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #25: How to shift into your CEO mindset!

How to shift into your CEO mindset!

A CEO mindset and how to make the shift in your business.

A lot of my mastermind clients come to me because as CEOs of their business they are ready to scale and expand.

To start…

A mastermind group is more than coaching. It really allows you to grow as a business owner and in your mindset. Yet most people aren’t sold on the idea that they need a coach.

Is it really the best investment for their business?

In today’s podcast episode of The Savvy Business Show, I’m talking with HeHe about how to choose the right mastermind group and coach for you that will allow you to step into your CEO mindset.

How to shift into your CEO mindset!

HeHe is the Founder of Tranquility by HeHe, a Maternity Concierge that helps women and their families find balance amidst chaos.

Helping families transition to becoming larger and navigating parenthood is her jam!

HeHe’s motto is to empower moms to have their dream delivery. By providing a wealth of knowledge around prenatal, birth and postpartum periods.

Enabling her clients to set boundaries with their support circles regarding their birth and parenting choices.

She hosts the Tranquility Tribe Podcast, reaching 10,000+ listeners in 26+ countries, featuring leading experts in the pregnancy, women’s health, and child arenas.

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Now I’d love to hear from you!

Tell me what is your biggest fear about choosing a mastermind or a coach? What hesitations do you have about joining us? What was your biggest aha and take-away from today’s episode?