How To Uplevel Your Business Post-Pandemic

Featured by Amanda Laden founder of VinoKarma Project – you can watch the full interview here.

The Up Level Project is not like other business books, it is filled with practical tips and advice. Written in the midst of a pandemic, it really shows you how can overcome adversity, including the process called The Up Level Formula.

This is a formula all about how you can re-wire your brain for success. We can all take ownership of our thoughts and beliefs, everything that influences our actions to get a better result or experiences for ourselves. It is about taking ownership of what is in our control.

I use the tools in The Up Level Formula daily to train by brain. Creating a resiliency routine is a bit like going to the gym, this is something you need to work on every day.

It takes tenacity, you can cultivate tenacity to achieve the goal you want, but you have to be committed to it.

Opportunity lies within. Everything that you need to succeed in life is already inside you. In a world that sells you on the answer is out there and if I only have this one thing that is outside me then I’ll be happy. You are complete and whole as you are. You already have everything you need to make your life success as you define success.

The Up Level Formula

Beliefs + Thoughts + Language + Feelings + Actions = results

Beliefs form at a young age, and you get to decided if you want to continue to believe them. They are thoughts you think over and over again. If you can tap into your awareness and rewire your brain to change your belief. You can start to use this formula to see where you are off. Own your feelings (the fear) and see why you believe or think a certain idea.

Knowing these things and using the formula, you can take ownership of the change you want.

The Up Level Project is Now Available – Grab your copy here.