How to use mantras to build momentum and create ease in your business.

Today, I’m going to share: 

  • Science-backed evidence of why mantras work so well and why you’ll want to use this for your business as well. 
  • How to use mantras to achieve business goals. 

Mantra’s and affirmations are prominent in the personal development world. 

And if you’ve read my book The Up Level Project, you’ll know that I love a good mantra, I love them so much that I’m now delivering free mantras by text to people in my inner circle if you’ll like to join us,  text  “Up Level” to +1 (617) 855 0518. 

I often get asked: 

  •  Why do mantras work so well? 
  •  How can we use them to achieve what we desire?

And so I wanted to do a video to answer these questions for you as well.

Why do mantras work so well: 

Our beliefs and thoughts influence how we act. In essence, we are the sum total of our beliefs, opinions, feeling, and actions. 

Even though I do a lot of strategy and systems creation work with my clients – I also spend a lot of time helping them to reframe beliefs and thoughts, rewiring their brains to become more strategic and resilient. 

And this is where mantras can become super helpful. 

Having a phrase that resonates that you can repeat and help ground what you want will help shift your perspective over time. 

And when you shift your perspective, your experience will change. This happens because of 

A process that’s always running in your brain that’s called confirmation bias. Confirmation bias states that your brain is in your brain is always looking for evidence/making up stories that support your beliefs and thoughts.

In short: If you have negative thoughts and beliefs – you’ll look for stories that support that. 

So by having a mantra, you help your brain to look for evidence that enforces the affirmation. This simple practice helps build momentum satisfaction and keeps you inspired to keep taking action. And as a result, you’ll then upgrade your results. 


How do you use a mantra? 

  1. It needs to be a phrase that’s believable to you. Something that feels like it’s possible. 
  2. Repeat it often.
  3. Use it when making decisions in your business. 

Let’s take this mantra from my book, The Up Level Project: 

“I choose my divine power and potential.”

  • If you fully embodied this mantra, how would you act on the daily or at any given moment? 
  • What would you say? 
  • When you make decisions, what decision would you make if you were coming from a place of divine power and potential? 

Mantras can become great tools to help you ground down and realign with what you genuinely wish to attain. 

If you’d like to start using mantras to help you fuel your motivation and satisfaction in your business, be sure to order my book, The Up Level Project Workbook – where I’ll take you through quick daily practices to establish your own resonating mantras for success and text “Up Level” to +1 (617) 855 0518.