How you can utilize your network for success with Christy Kirk.

On today’s episode we have special guest Christy Kirk, of the Weaving Influence Team. Weaving Influence is a creative team that specializes in marketing books, connecting leadership and business professionals with ever-growing networks.

With a journalistic background and 8+ years of experience in book launching, specializing in non-fiction, business and leadership books. We are so excited to talk with Christy today, about how you can utilize your network to get word out about your book or other projects and how we can help others to succeed at their dreams.

Let’s dive right in…

The world of book launches is just like social media, the social you see today isn’t the same social you’ll see tomorrow. Outsource your weakness and this is something that I highly suggest for those who are in Leadership positions.

Book sales are important but to sell the book and sell it long term it’s important to get reviews – Amazon reviews – those are crucial. The best way to do that is to get a group of people who are invested and want to read to the book, that is your launch team. Then you are providing these people with an early release of the book, so when the book launches they are leaving a review.

We always want to encourage purchase, so if you liked the book buy one for a friend and share it with your teams and network. It’s really about creating a community.

It is a commitment to be on a launch team, but be upfront with the author. Example… “I can only share on social media”. That is okay, but this allows us to know the way we can help you to share.

A few things you can do if you don’t have a lot of time to commit. Ask your library for it or go into a book store and ask if they have it. These places order books based on books people ask for.

The mistake I see authors make is that they are afraid of the ask. Don’t be afraid to ask people for their support and help.

Questions you’ll hear:

  • The value of having a launch team?
  • How to be a good launch team member?
  • What else you can do to help friends get the word out about their book if you can’t commit to being on the launch team.
  • The number one mistake that all authors make when they’ve launched their book?
  • Your favorite thing about helping authors launch their book?

Go chase your big dreams and share it with the world!

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