“I gained clarity on my ideal client, confidence on my rates and my process, and as a result, I signed on three retainer clients in two months - all in my ideal target audience!”


Savvy Business Intensive Mastermind


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You’ve built your client list. You’re doing the work. So. Much. Work. And you’re so close to reaching the ultimate level you can taste it. You know what I'm talking about: that level where you'll be the ultimate badass CEO lady (just like SPANX' Sarah Blakely!) You're going to be so cool! 

And maybe you could even do it, if you worked weekends, evenings and early mornings (running yourself ragged, crashing toward burnout). Or maybe you could just wait another year, or two, or five, and build up slowly…


Or Not.

Listen, you are a kick-ass business woman. And what’s holding you back right now from stepping into that CEO sweet spot isn’t your knowledge or your talent. It’s these really easily fixable things!

  • It’s mindset issues around money and/or worthiness that lead you to charge less than you’re worth, again and again. (Don’t you wish a magic fairy would just tell you what to charge?)
  • ​It’s lack of confidence that you really are that good.
  • It’s lack of clarity on your target clients (you know, the ones who will happily pay you the BIG bucks and love you every step of the way?) ​
  • It’s a lot of time management - let’s be real.
  • And, it’s a soupcon of self-sabotage that comes from self-doubt and/or fears of success.

“This incredible group of women helped me set measurable goals and made a self-doubter think outside the box. With their support, I was able to close four new client in two months, hire support staff, and silence the doubter. Synergy at it's finest.”


You are at the cusp of massive sweet success, and there’s a lot of practical and emotional shit that comes up at that point, blocking you from reaching the next level. It's frustrating, exhausting and overwhelming... 


And you don’t have to go through it the hard way.

You don’t have to go through it alone.

Heck, you don’t have to keep going through it at all - because I have a plan.

In this mastermind program, we have ONE JOB: Get you over that hump into your role as powerful CEO leader (in one, well-rested, non-frazzled, lovingly supported piece).


To do that, we’re going to tackle those mindset issues with care, hand-holding, communal support - and a swift kick in the pants (in the most loving way possible).

“I really like how you can cut through everyone’s BS and get us to focus on the important parts that actually move our businesses forward.”

In this mastermind program, you’ll learn:

  • What systems, tools and strategies will help you work smarter, not harder - what to outsource, what to automate, and what to stop doing altogether.
  • 1
  • How to cultivate a “CEO Mindset” and stop letting those limiting beliefs run the show. 
  • Clarity on what is, and isn’t, working in your business - and how to get rid of what’s been dragging you down.
  • Clarity on the kind of business you really want to run (one-woman show? Scaling large with a team?) and how to find the right way to grow for you.
  • How to stop hustling and start generating leads, pulling people in rather than constantly reaching out (that’s just tiring).
  • Time management, so you have the energy to nurture your own business and enjoy life.
  • What to charge (and how to get over your fears of charging more).

Most importantly, you’ll discover that with a few minor tweaks to what you’re already doing, reaching the next level in your business isn’t just possible, it’s surprisingly easy. 


“Since starting the Intensive Mastermind Program four months ago, my business income is currently 96% of what my entire income was between March - December last year!”


We’ll cover how to become profitable so you can quit juggling your day-job, what to outsource first so you can grow fast, the most effective ways to use the funds you have, and how and when to flip from side-hustle to startup

And with every lesson, you will make concrete, measurable progress.

How it works:

4-5 people

2 group coaching sessions with Hanneke per month, scheduled for Tuesday 10:30 am - noon, or Wednesdays 12:00 - 1:30 pm


2 private coaching sessions with Hanneke at a time that's convenient for you included in the package price (normally it's $975 per private session.)


Access to private portal with worksheets, resources, and call replays

Access to a private Members-Only Facebook group for support between sessions

Free LIVE Facebook Q & A once a month​

Discounts to live and online events

This is a 6-month program (with option to renew and keep going!)

Cost is $997 per month​

You’ve been working so hard for everyone else - it’s time to work on your business to bring you joy and abundance.

“To have clarity, confidence, and a solid plan to achieve such an important goal - that is worth every penny.

Apply to be part of the mastermind program. Please fill out the application form below and I'll contact you about the next Mastermind starting in September.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Even though I had been reading motivational business books and forcing myself to attend networking events I knew something needed to change. Making the intentional financial decision to work with a business coach in a committed and collaborative is the absolute best decision I have made for my business yet. The tangible, as well as psychological benefits of Hanneke's Savvy Business Mastermind, have exceeded my expectations. Because the mastermind has transformed my overall approach, I feel far greater equipped to weather the peaks and valleys of daily business ownership.


Julia Snider

Owner at J Snider Home (Home Staging & Professional Organization)

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I met Hanneke at a networking event and liked her, so I figured I'd give her mastermind group a shot. I was looking to network and create a plab for my business so why not try it? I come at most things rolling my eyes and pretty skeptical, so that is exactly how I sat in the groups. But then I realized what was happening for me after the meetings. I was taking steps, creating and meeting goals, going all in and gaining confidence. I never even saw it coming, but I am taking big strides in my business and doing really well thanks to the coaching my group and Hanneke provided. 

Stefanie Johnson

Owner at SwapIt

John Doe UI/UX Designer

As part of this mastermind, I was able to focus on my business at a whole new level. I gained clarity on my ideal client, confidence on my rates and my process, and as a result, I signed on three retainer clients in two months - all in my ideal target audience! I loved the support and confidence this group provided, it’s unparalleled to any other business group I’ve been a part of.


Kristin Thomas

Owner of Thrive By Food + KD Media

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Hanneke, I wanted to let you know that I've decided to commit and keep working with you for the next mastermind group. I'm really enjoying the relationships I'm making through this experience and I've truly valued your help and guidance on all the topics. I love how you encourage a holistic understanding of being the entrepreneur... it's what I've always wanted to be and your approach is working for me. I want to keep going!

Virginia Schubert

Owner at Virginia Schubert Design

John Doe UI/UX Designer

As a self-employed woman, I was juggling many things, feeling really stuck and anxious. It's not often that I am in a place that I can't make sense of things on my own but here I was and I'm so glad I found Hanneke!  Through her expertise in coaching, she was able to help me figure out my pitfalls, ways of self-sabotage and then took it a step further and helped me with tools to change my behavior.

Lindsay Coull

Owner of  Lindsay Coull Accupuncture


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