Interview questions to ask your business coach

Welcome back to the series on how to hire the best coach for you. Today we are talking about the key questions to ask when you are looking for a business coach.  

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What to remember before and while you’re on the call with the coach: 

  • What was the booking experience like?
  • Did you hear from the person straight away?
  • Did they have an intake form?
    • If the coach doesn’t have an intake form, I’d be a little suspicious about the quality of person they take on. With an intake forms where you answer a few questions before you can book in, a coach tells you that the person will be prepping for the call, and that they don’t just take on anyone who needs a coach. 

Be present: 

Remember to take a couple of deep breaths before you get on the call, so you can be truly present when meeting with the business coach. 

Also, ensure that you clear your schedule so you can focus on the conversation without being distracted.

How do you feel while talking to this coach?

  • It’s  natural to feel a little nervous and awkward when you first hop on a call with a stranger. 
  • Once you’ve gotten over the initial hump, be sure to notice whether you feel at ease in the presence of the person? 
  • Do you have a natural rapport? 
  • Are you or the coach doing most of the talking (ideally — you should be the one doing most of the talking.)
    Is the coach listening to you? And are they curious and asking you lots of questions? 
  • Or does it feel more like they’re trying to convince you of everything that they can do for you? 
  • Are they forcing you to make a decision there and then?
  • Are they being too pushy?

Questions to ask while on your discovery call:

The following questions will help you to figure out if the business coach you’re interviewing is the right fit for you:

1 – How long have you been in business?

If you’re newer in business, it’s ok to hire a coach that is also relatively new to business. When you’re a seasoned entrepreneur you want to ensure that the business coaches you interview all have 5+ years of coaching experience and have adequate credentials. 

For instance: I currently work with clients with companies who gross a million dollars or more and have been in business anywhere between 5 – 30 years. I’m able to give and guarantee quality support and results to these folks because I’ve had my coaching practice for eight years, I’ve got an ICF accredited coaching credential and a business degree, I’ve built two award-winning businesses in less than 5 years, and I have 17 years of experience growing businesses in various industry (and countries.)  

2 – How many clients do you typically take on?

Remember, you’re about to give this person quite a bit of influence in the decisions of your business that will shape your results and the future of your company, you don’t want to be just another number. I typically limit my private clients to 10 at any given time. I strive to provide a high-touch and supportive environment for all my clients and I have found that the quality of my coaching is best when I limit the number of clients I work with privately.

3 – How much one-on-one time will I get with you?

Typically coaches usually work in bi-weekly increments. This guarantees that you build momentum and get enough time to practice and implement the knowledge and takeaways between sessions. In my 8-years of coaching, I have found that working with new clients once a week is too much and once a month is too little to attain their desired results. 

4 – Do you offer support between sessions?

Coaches usually offer some sort of support via text or email between coaches. I also offer my clients the opportunity to book a quick 20-minute emergency call just in case of fire. It’s important that my client knows I have their backs at all times. 

5 – Do you have experience working with businesses like mine? 

6  – What results have those folks experienced? 

I have case studies at my fingertips along with a list of the types of businesses I’ve worked with over the last 8 years. 

7- What guaranteed results/promises do you offer for clients whom you work with?

I usually never take on clients if I don’t believe that I can absolutely give them results. 

8 – How long will the coaching engagement be?

Remember depending on the changes that need to be implemented to get the results you want, you will most likely be looking at a coaching engagement of 6 months or longer.

9 – What’s the cancellation policy?

It’s not uncommon for there to be a zero-cancellation policy. I can only take on a certain number of private clients per year, which means I may turn down other potential clients. For this reason, I usually have people commit to a 6-month no cancellation policy. 

Also, remember to ask any questions that came up when you were reading up about the person. 

You’re about to hand over the keys to your business to this person, to make sure that you feel comfortable with them, their credentials, and their experience. 

Cheat sheet of what to look for before, during and after your interview:

  • Who are they, what’s their experience and credentials? 
  • Did you have a good rapport with the person? 
  • Do you trust them?
  • Do you believe that they can help you? 
  • Do you believe that you can attain your results?
  • What was the booking like – do they have an intake form?
  • Did they do most of the talking? (you should be the one talking the most.) 
  • Did they follow up after your call? 

If you’d like to pick my brain to ensure you hire the right business coach for your business, remember you’re more than welcome to hop on a quick call with you!

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