Welcome to my new site: I hope you enjoy your visit!

Good Morning!!

I am so excited to announce that Pilates with Hanneke is diversifying and rebranding! I am thrilled to show you my new site that’s been in design and construction mode for the last 6 months! And now it’s finally here and you’re one of the very first people to see it!!

What this means and how it will benefit you:

With the brand diversification you’ll now be able to get fit and healthy with PilateswithHanneke.com where I strive to provide you with the best workouts, classes and workshops to enjoy and get your body in the best shape!

My mission with HannekeAntonelli.com is to help you figure out exactly what you want and how to get it! You’ll get weekly tips to help you create your dream life along with Pilates Pop-up event updates and more!

Please also note that my facebook page will be changing to Hanneke Antonelli within the next few weeks. You’ll still get updates on my weekly Pilates schedule along with some inspiration to keep you on track to get what you want in life.

Intagram, twitter and the rest will stay as is with the handle @pilateswhanneke and will make sure that you also get my informal fun updates.

I look forward to your comments, feedback and requests – keep them coming! If you’re as excited as I am – please share this site and page with your friends!