Justin Timberlake’s coaching tip and my secret girl crush!

As you know I manage a dual career. That’s right – if you’re new here: I’m a life coach and career transitions expert, but I’m also a Pilates Instructor.

These two obviously compliment each other nicely, as I believe it’s impossible to build a fulfilling career and life if you don’t take care of your body first. Making healthier lifestyle choices directly affects your energy levels which has an impact on your career choices.

As I’ve recently moved more into life coaching and doing less with Pilates, I like to still provide my clients with good recourses when it comes to being healthier and my go to guru for that is Robin Long.

I won’t lie, I have a little girl crush on Robin Long from The Balanced Inspired Life. I first discovered Robin when both of us only had 300 or so people on our facebook pages, today she has built a Pilates empire.


I admire her for a few reasons: she provides balanced sound information and only speaks on topics she’s educated on or certified in. There’s a lot of fluffy information out there, so it’s important as a consumer to do your homework on who you’re taking advice from. This is something I aim to do for my clients too.

And then being a career transitions expert – I simply love how she has evolved and transitioned from a studio instructor to a mom and business savvy Pilates expert. She’s adding amazing value to her followers’ and clients’ lives while making smart business and career choices for herself (Be sure to check out her latest Summer Sculpt program to help you stay fit and sculpted this summer).

She’s managed to do what so many people crave for their own careers: finding their passion and turning it into profit. What can I say, I stinking love her!

Oh and ps – did you see this fantastic speech by Justin Timberlake ?

I simply loved his message: “Your critics do not count. Their words will fade… You won’t!”  – COMMENT “LOVE” in the comment box below if this quote inspires you!

Now I’d love to hear from you: do you have a girl crush on someone you admire for the work they’re doing? Tell us who’s your girl crush and why below! OR COMMENT LOVE below if you enjoyed JT’s video and advice!