{Podcast} Lessons from my Best Year in Business

Lessons from my best year in business yet:

Today’s episode is a juicy one where I’ll share my lessons from 2018 ( it also happens to be my best year in business) and I’ll also give you a resource to help you reflect and review on your year and help you to set yourself up for a fresh start in 2019.

These lessons included the following:

  1. It’s all about your MINDSET
  2. How you show up is everything
  3. Know your role and know yourself
  4. Let go of and say no to everything and everyone who doesn’t serve you
  5. Negative feedback is inevitable
  6. Feeling fear and discomfort is all part of running a business

I also share the pre-game steps that I took to set me up for my most successful year in business.

Have a listen now to get the inside scoop on them all:

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Now I’d love to hear from you!
What methods do you use to boost your performance? What’s your favorite mantra? Or do you have some pressing questions about mantras?