Mastermind Case Study

KT-8496_vcropWhen I started the Savvy Business Mastermind:
  • My website had not yet launched.
  • I had no new clients for the year.
  • I was living in a state of panic/fear that I was not going to succeed.
  • I had no benchmarks or strategies in place by which to measure my growth

Even though I had been reading motivational business books and forcing myself to attend networking events I knew something needed to change. Making the intentional financial decision to work with a business coach in a committed and collaborative is the absolute best decision I have made for my business yet. The tangible, as well as the psychological benefits of Hanneke’s mastermind, have exceeded my expectations.  Because the mastermind has transformed my overall approach, I feel far greater equipped to weather the peaks and valleys of daily business ownership.

Since starting the Savvy Business Mastermind my income ( specifically for my business) is currently at 96% of what my entire income was between March-December of the previous year.


I did not go into the mastermind thinking that I would necessarily make friends, but I have been so pleasantly surprised to have done just that. 😊
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