Mastermind Results:

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m all about RESULTS. I’m committed to helping female entrepreneurs own their power, charge their worth and see real results – while working with more ease!

That’s why I want to show you some of the results my clients achieved while being part of Savvy Business Mastermind programs.

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While being part of the Savvy Business Accelerator Mastermind Members reported the following results:
  1. Clarity and focus to become more organized in their business
  2. Expanded their business team members/staff
  3. Acquired multiple new clients, locked in big projects, submitted and won high paying proposals
  4. Created systems to streamline client onboarding (read clients said yes more.)
  5. Got confident in their price & sales strategy and process that resulted in higher client conversion rates
  6. Built deep connections and relationships with each other and received referral business beyond their networks as a result
  7. Hired copywriters, content writers, and website designers
  8. Formed new collaborations and connected with powerful influencers in their industry
  9. Created new websites with professional photos and copy
  10. Grew their social media presence
  11. Created content that went viral
  12. Launched and filled new online programs
  13. Hit six-month income goal in only four months

I’m so stinking proud of these ladies!

A Case Study with Kerrie Maitland, CEO & Founder of Positive Dymentions:

So what do you say!?

Are you ready to experience REAL results like this in your business? 

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Stefanie-JohnsonI met Hanneke at a networking event and liked her, so I figured I’d give her mastermind group a shot. I was looking to network and create a plab for my business so why not try it? I come at most things rolling my eyes and pretty skeptical, so that is exactly how I sat in the groups. But then I realized what was happening for me after the meetings. I was taking steps, creating and meeting goals, going all in and gaining confidence. I never even saw it coming, but I am taking big strides in my business and doing really well thanks to the coaching my group and Hanneke provided. 

Stefanie Johnson                                                                                                                                                      Owner at SwapIt




Great session this morning, thank you so much. Your wisdom and support make such a difference and I’m really grateful for you!”

Ashley Butler                                                                   Ownerat Free Fire Flow, Life & Health Coach

Stephanie-Tinnirello-180x180a HUGE Thank you for being supportive during these last 6 months. I have been looking back on the 6 months of this mastermind – a lot of fulfillment, happiness and some emotional moments. As I am working on my business… I am finding my own strength, accomplishing my goals(some that I never thought I would) and gaining confidence more than even before. As much as I am proud of myself, I am grateful that I had you and the group to discuss things and know I am not the only one going through some situations/feelings.

Stephanie Tinnirello                                                                Designer & Stationary Creator

Virginia-SchubertHanneke, I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to commit and keep working with you for the next mastermind group. I’m really enjoying the relationships I’m making through this experience and I’ve truly valued your help and guidance on all the topics. I love how you encourage a holistic understanding of being the entrepreneur… it’s what I’ve always wanted to be and your approach is working for me. I want to keep going!

Virginia Schubert                                                                Owner at Virginia Schubert Design

Lindsay-CoullAs a self-employed woman, I was juggling many things, feeling really stuck and anxious. It’s not often that I am in a place that I can’t make sense of things on my own but here I was and I’m so glad I found Hanneke!  Through her expertise in coaching, she was able to help me figure out my pitfalls, ways of self-sabotage and then took it a step further and helped me with tools to change my behavior.

Lindsay Coull                                                                    Owner of  Lindsay Coull Accupuncture

Julia-SniderEven though I had been reading motivational business books and forcing myself to attend networking events I knew something needed to change. Making the intentional financial decision to work with a business coach in a committed and collaborative is the absolute best decision I have made for my business yet. The tangible, as well as psychological benefits of Hanneke’s Savvy Business Mastermind, have exceeded my expectations. Because the mastermind has transformed my overall approach, I feel far greater equipped to weather the peaks and valleys of daily business ownership.

                                                                                Julia Snider                                                                                                                                                               Owner at J Snider Home (Home Staging & Professional                                                                                     Organization)

Kristin-ThomasAs part of this mastermind, I was able to focus on my business at a whole new level. I gained clarity on my ideal client, confidence on my rates and my process, and as a result, I signed on three retainer clients in two months – all in my ideal target audience! I loved the support and confidence this group provided, it’s unparalleled to any other business group I’ve been a part of.

Kristin Thoma                                                                        Owner of Thrive By Food + KD Media

erinIf you are a woman who owns her own business, you would be doing yourself and your business a disservice by not joining Hanneke Antonelli’s mastermind group. This incredible group of women helped me set measurable goals and self-doubter to think outside the box. With their support, I was able to close four new clients in two months, hire a support staff person and silence the self-doubter. Synergy at it’s finest!”

Erin Condron                                                                        Owner of Erin Condron Designs

14199711_10209002756161136_7533511934089306809_nAs part of this mastermind, I was able to focus on my business at a whole new level. I gained clarity on my ideal client, confidence on my rates and my process, and as a result, I signed on three retainer clients in two months – all in my ideal target audience! I loved the support and confidence this group provided, it’s unparalleled to any other business group I’ve been a part of.

Kristin Dziadul                                                                    Owner of KD Media

Kerrie-MaitlandThis was my first experience of a Mastermind, and therefore I was not sure what to expect, but having worked with Hanneke before I knew that I would find the process valuable and it lived up to my expectations.I found myself surrounded by five like-minded ladies, all experiencing a mixture of fear and excitement about their business. Hanneke provided a safe environment where I could share my fears, ask those silly questions and celebrate my progress. The content was practical, giving you real techniques and advice to help you move forward. After each session, I would find myself reinvigorated and ready to tackle the world! Since joining this mastermind group,  I have qualified as a coach, reached my weekly target income four months early and I have a gorgeous new website. I also started blogging, have almost conquered my fear of networking and had the opportunity to meet and work with six wonderful women. I’m definitely enrolling in the next round!

Kerrie Maitland
Owner of Positive Dimentions


It’s crazy to finally be here at the Bass River Farmers Market market and getting the brand out! I’m so excited about the future of The Cod T! I owe it all to the Savvy Business Masterminds for getting me on the right track!”

Kerry Wasgatt                                                                          Owner of  The Cod T