Meeting Brene Brown & Are you sitting in the cheap seats?

13913670_1309621962401002_3478392898888755170_oHave you ever been star struck before? It totally happened to me last week. You see, most people get star struck over movie stars. Me, I get start struck over motivational speakers and world renowned coaches.

When I met Brene Brown, an author, and public speaker, who is currently a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, all I could do was give her a huge big hug. And don’t ask me what I said because it was a silly stutter that went something like “You’re amazing, I love you!” (yes, I’m blushing just even thinking about it…why can one never find brilliant words or responses when you need them?)

I first came to know about Brene through TEDRadio Hour on NPR and then went on to watch her TEDTalk on “The power of vulnerability, one of the top 5 most watched TEDtalks out there. I was an instant fan, so when the invitation came to go and hear her speak live, I could hardly contain myself!

Last Friday will definitely go down in my books as one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

And today, as a little gift for being part of my insider community, I’ll share 2 of my biggest AHAs and personal takeaways from her talk with you too:

1) “No one lives a brave life without going down”

It’s so important to remember that when you’re pursuing something new: a creative unconventional career, a big promotion, or anything that put you outside of the norm, fear will inevitably rear its ugly little head and yes, you will probably fail once or twice. But will you get up again? You see once you accept that failure’s an option, that’s when you set yourself free. That’s when you can get back up, dust yourself off and move on! You no longer waste energy on worrying about failure, you make peace with it and move through it to achieve your goals and happiness.

2) “If you’re not in the arena I am not interested in your feedback.”

This was definitely one of my favorite lines of the day and it hit home for me on two levels:a) When you live outside the box, when you push the boundaries and when you’re out to accomplish things that are different from the norm, there will always be people in the “cheap seats”. These are the people, as Brene points out, that are too scared, or jealous or whatever to actually live a large life or push their own limits. They are the people who have never dared to create or step outside their own comfort zones, but yet they feel the need to be the loudest critiques, the trolls on twitter, or the negative nancies of our worlds. Pay no attention to them. They have no idea what it is like or what it actually takes to live big and push the boundaries.

b) Don’t be the person in the cheap seats. Learn to be less judgemental of others, because it’s none of our business and also because we never truly know what other people are going through. As my mother always says: “If you have nothing nice to say, then keep quiet.” Life’s already hard enough, we don’t have to make it harder by being mean or criticizing other’s lives.

So: go out there and live a big, full and brave life!Ignore anyone who’s not in the arena with you and really focus on becoming and showing more of your authentic and true self, because it’s in that sweet spot where you’ll find happiness, fulfillment and a ton of joy!

xo Hanneke