{Podcast} Mindset Shifts you Must Make to Scale!

Mindset Shifts you must make to scale your business.

Join savvy business mastermind member and the CEO of Aimtal – a digital marketing agency, Janet Mesh and I for a conversation on how masterminds can help you to shift your mindset from freelancer, to business owner and then confident CEO!

{Podcast} Mindset Shifts you Must Make to Scale!

Have a listen now to hear how to shift your mindset to that of a confident CEO.

Or watch how to shift your mindset to that of a confident CEO.


{Podcast} Mindset Shifts you Must Make to Scale!


About Janet:

Janet Mesh is the CEO + Co-Founder of Aimtal, a digital marketing agency. Through Aimtal, Janet provides digital and content marketing services to her clients in the B2B and B2C industries.

After freelancing full-time for two years, Janet decided to start the digital marketing agency in order to scale her marketing offerings.



Before joining the mastermind, I knew that I wanted to turn my freelancing career into an actual company and to officially embrace my entrepreneurial dreams. It can be lonely and confusing working in a silo and I knew I would really benefit from meeting with a group of women who were in the same boat as me. One of my weaknesses is procrastinating and I knew that the mastermind group + Hanneke would hold me accountable to finally start my agency. Since joining the group, I set up my LLC, hired a graphic designer to create our logo and branding, hired a contractor to help with client work so I can free up time to focus on building my business, and I’m on track to already hitting my annual revenue goal of $100K! Most of all, I love that I can bounce ideas off the ladies in the mastermind. It’s great having a support system and accountability buddies!

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