Move Up or Get Out!

I am excited to share and discuss today’s topic with you. I have personally stepped in a few of these potholes and have seen others do it too!

You decide it’s time to move on to the next level and start looking for a new job. At first the process is exciting!  But after a few applications and a few good days at your current position, you’re not sure if you want to move. And let’s be honest: the application process is such a drag.


Looking for a new job is  time consuming and can be very draining. Then there’s also that little voice that says: “What if my next job is just as bad as this one?” This little voice won in my last corporate job application, when I started my job search in Boston I thought to myself: “Well maybe it was just that the culture and people of my previous company was not for me, I mean the job was kinda ok? Right?” …. so without really being clear on what I wanted to get out of my job personally and professionally I applied to jobs. It wasn’t long before I landed an Institutional sales job.

I was thrilled to have found something in the then still really bad economy. Probably 2 weeks into my new position I knew I had made a mistake. I could not have asked for more amazing people to work for and with. I absolutely loved working with them, unfortunately the actual work I was doing did not interest me one bit. The result – I resigned after just one year and was back in the same job seeking boat.

So how can you avoid getting yourself into these situations?

Today’s Action Steps will show you how. BE CRYSTAL CLEAR and write the following down:


1) Look at your current work position: what do you enjoy about your job? What don’t you enjoy?

2) What kind of work-life-balance are you looking for?

3) In 5 years from now where would you like to be in your career? What is your ultimate career goal?

4) Gather a few tactful questions that will help you get more clarity of the new company’s environment.  Ask them in your next interview.

Remember: An interview is equal playing ground: you only want the job offer if it’s the right fit for you. During the interview you’re deciding whether you want to pick them just as much as they’re deciding whether you’re the right fit for them.

Tweet this: Being clear on what you want avoids confusion and gets you to your goal quicker!

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