My Book is Here & The Inside Scoop

My book is out! Hear all about it.

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Up Level Project Podcast — and it’s the day that I’ve been working towards for just about 1 year! Today my book dropped on Amazon and beyond. That’s right– you can now get it anywhere where you buy your book! 

And if it’s not at your local bookstore or at the library — remember that you can request for them to carry it. 

For right now — let’s dive into what my book is all about! 

Grab my new book: The Up Level Project

The Up Level Project is a business and leadership book with a memoir flair. I take readers on a journey to hone your entrepreneurial skills and scale more profitable businesses without sacrificing your freedom. By sharing vulnerable stories about how I overcame depression after landing in a psychiatric ward and about how I faced sexual harassment while working on Wall Street.

I illustrate how those challenges led me to become the best version of myself. As a result, I also show readers how I persevered and started from scratch in three cities across the globe and built two award-winning businesses in under five years. Throughout the book, I empower readers with the strategies and tools to achieve sustainable success.

I wrote this book with the intention of bringing you something that you would actually want to read — I didn’t want it to be a dry boring business book. 

And according to our VIP Launch Team it’s definitely a page turner. Here are some of the early feedback we received:

So, if you’re looking for your next business book to read → then hop on over to Amazon or and start unlocking higher profits and freedom in your business today! 

Thank you again to my incredible launch team, and every friend, client, and my entire book writing team, James Reed, Christy Kirk  & Becky Robinson from Weaving Influence, Lisa McKenna from Arrow North, Alessandra Pollina and her team at Quotable Media, Alma Bruffy — Alma Bruffy photography, Jennifer Miller Make-up Artist, and everyone who’s cheered me on along this journey! And finally to you, my listeners — thank you for coming back and listening every week! I hope you enjoy the book! 

Until next week! 
X Hanneke 

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