Oh, Kim and Kanye West, shut up.

I’m not much of a celeb stalker. I’m THAT girl, the one you’re trying to tell a story to about a recent film you saw. You’ve gotten stuck on the name of the movie and now you’re referring to the actors in it so I can perhaps help think of the name and instead I’m looking at you like you’re from Mars.

Kim-Kanye-VogueCov copy

Anyway, one or two celeb stories that I did catch was the recent Kardashian/West wedding and Miley Cyrus’s performance at the VMAs last year. Quite frankly, I wish I could get back the time I spent reading about and watching the ludicrous behavior. But again, the story was so big how could you not get involved? And that’s where today’s blog entry comes in. But first here’s your TWEET- IT:

“The more you talk about it, the more power you give it.” Jack Johnson Jr

This applies to a whole lot in your life, not just to Justin Bieber’s antics or that outrageous Kardashian wedding.

Here are two examples (of which I have personally been guilty):

1) You broke up with someone, it’s four months later, and you’re still venting about it to all your friends every time you see them. This excludes your personal time of venting and revisiting the whole story over and over again in your head. You can’t let it go. You’re sour and heartbroken, and the replay of events drags you down even further.

2) A colleague at work treats you badly or is just really nasty to you all the time. You find yourself having imaginary arguments with that person outside of work. This leads to being even more annoyed with the colleague. Before long, you’re overly annoyed and can’t even stand being in the same room as that person.

Both of those scenarios give the situation more and more of your own personal power. I am not saying that venting is taboo. Venting, up to a certain point, is really good to get all the pent-up energy out of your system. There is, however, a point where it becomes too much and has a negative effect on you and your mindset.

By constantly being preoccupied with events that happened in the past, you’re:
– dragging yourself further into a pit of dark moods.
– giving the situation more power than it deserves.
– missing out on what is happening right here and right now in the present moment.

So how do you stop yourself from going there? Try today’s action steps:

Actionsteps1) Next time something upsets you, have a good venting session about it. Get it out of your system, and don’t stop until you feel better about it.

2) When you’re done with that, make a little pact with yourself that you will now no longer replay the situation unless you do so in that person’s presence.

3) Find a healthy, fun, or exciting activity you can do every time your mind starts to wonder to the unhealthy situation.

Let it go, and you’ll find your mind will follow.