The real reason I quit my Pilates business

Ok, I’ll come clean… back when I was running my Pilates business I didn’t know WHAT the heck I was doing. I had just left the corporate world and although I had a business degree, running a business was so foreign to me.


But I was determined to make it happen, so I did a LOT of stuff (totally wrong) and learned so many useful and valuable lessons but unfortunately not before I completely burned myself out!


So today I’ll share a few of the lessons I learned:


  1. I did it ALL myself

    I was teaching at 6 studios around town, trying to film DVDs (my husband did help me with this part), make YouTube Videos, do DIY courses to learn how to market myself, then try marketing myself, and still have a life. Most days I’d come back from my last evening classes thoroughly beat. All I’d want to do is stare at a brick wall and not talk to ANYONE, including my poor hubby! This behavior totally hindered my ability to scale my business.

  2. I had no boundaries

    Because Wall Street had taught me that the harder you worked, the more you made, I made that my business moto too! URM – Can you say “biggest mistake of my life?”

    HUGE! Massive mistake… this motto or belief made me take on ANY and all work at ANY time of day. Which means I almost had zero time off, no time for fun or friends… ALL I did was work, work, work…

    And I didn’t make nearly what I wanted to make! (And it made me unhappy and resentful!)

  3. I didn’t know what my unique advantage was

    Because I was so tired, and sooo busy there was zero time for reflection and market research to really understand WHY people loved coming to my Pilates classes in the first place. This perpetuated step two and left me completely lost as to who my ideal client was and what I could do to differentiate myself! I was working hard and not smart AT ALL!

  4.  I had zero business friends

    The only friends I had were other yoga and Pilates instructors, and people who worked in a corporate setting. ( I LOVE all my friends – they are wonderful people, don’t get me wrong.) But all of the above meant that I was making my brand stale because I was only looking at my industry and doing things the way that they were all doing it. That meant that all the advice, ideas, etc. came from people within the fitness industry. This held me back from thinking outside the box BIG TIME!

    Can you relate to any of these? Or do you have questions for me? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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