{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #32: Here’s how you expand your team to scale fast

If you been wanting to scale your business but you aren’t sure how then you are going to love this episode with Nicole Jackson Miller of The Project Designer.

Nicole started in the online space with project management and hiring for online business owners and grew that company.

She realized that she just absolutely adored working with service providers, specifically done-for-you service providers, so branding and web designers, and accountants, and publicists, and virtual assistants, and project managers, and the people who are actually on the teams of these business owners, who need to also know how to run their own business.

On this episode, Nicole talks about how to expand your team and build an effective working team that’s going to support you to achieve those big goals in your business. Enjoy!

Listen Now:

In this episode you’ll here:

  • How Nicole helps her clients map out their vision
  • How mindset plays a role
  • The Kolbe assessment and how you can use it help build your team

About Nicole:

Nicole Jackson Miller is the owner of The Project Designer Company, a Project Management educational platform that teaches people how to project manage online.

Nicole also mentors done-for-you service providers on how to build an A+ team to support their clients. Through working at major TV Networks in NYC for over 8 years, and running her own Project Management Agency, Nicole understands what it takes to lead a business and team to greatness and she helps her clients do just that!

What did you think??

I want to hear from you! What did you learn from today’s episode about scaling your business? How can you put that into action? 


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