{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #39: Accelerate business growth by accessing your inner voice

For the past 4 or so years, I’ve walked past this sign in my neighborhood that reads: “Opportunity lies within.” I always like reading it, it inspires me and acts as an anchor reminding myself to look inside for answers. We are so powerful in our own unique way.

Yet, we tend to look outside ourselves for answers, thinking that what we already know isn’t good enough or all that’s there is fear and doubt. Have you ever felt those tugging moments in the pit of your stomach that something just isn’t right?

Today on the Savvy Business Show we talk with Kelly Covert about accessing your inner voice to propel you forward. 

Today on the Savvy Business Show we talk with Kelly Covert about accessing your inner voice.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. We become so focused on what others are doing that we just need to step away. We need to clear the way the allow ourselves to listen.

There isn’t a one size fits all. Release the guilt. You are enough right now.

inner voice

Listen Now:

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Find a practice that helps you listen
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good
  • Tips on how to get started

About Kelly:

Kelly Covert is an inner voice coach with a passion for helping women believe and achieve their big vision by connecting deeply with the wisdom that is inside of them all while owning their worthiness each and every day. Through her intuitive, heart-centered approach she helps women awaken to their true power as creators and world-changers all while setting aside their need for perfectionism.

She is the creator and host of the In Her Voice, a podcast that empowers women to listen and live by their inner voice so they can change the world. Her work has been featured on The Huffington PostThe Elephant JournalYourTango.com, and she has been a featured guest on many podcasts. 

Kelly is also a professional flutist with Symphoria, a wife and the mother of 2 boys, 16 and 12, and 1 beagle named Piper.

You can learn more and connect with Kelly at www.kellycovert.com.

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