{Podcast} The Savvy Business Show #45: Being a better leader in your business!

Today’s savvy business podcast guest Julie Wilson has spent years working in adult development, behavioral change, and organizational change. She focuses broadly on these activities for those who are transitioning into leadership.

We talk about unlearning what you’ve learned in a standardized system of education. Transforming your thoughts from a one size fits all model that we’ve been taught.

Start, by realizing most people start as a master of their craft. Next, we step into managing people doing similar work.

However, this is a fundamentally different skill set. Moving from developing your own capacity into building the capacity of others. As we dive in you will hear Julie and I talk about how you can step into leadership in your business.

Listen Now:

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Development and Leadership strategy
  • Educational strategy
  • How to step into leadership

About Julie:

Julie M Wilson, Ed.M.

Julie M. Wilson has over 20 years’ experience as a leadership consultant, instructor, and coach working with a wide range of for-profit and nonprofit clients across the United States and Europe.

Her workplace skill-building programs have helped thousands of employees and managers step into their potential as leaders. While increasing the creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving capabilities of their teams.

Julie believes that change in an organization is a fundamentally human attempt. Her approach to change, and the learning that comes along with it, reflect that reality. As a learning and development consultant at Harvard University, she was the recipient of the Harvard Hero award for outstanding contributions to the University.

Julie is the founder of the Institute for the Future of Learning, President of the Academic Leadership Group, and an adviser to entrepreneurial students at Harvard’s Innovation Lab.

She graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast, with a degree in business administration and French. Later she graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a master’s degree in education, specializing in adult development, learning technology, and behavioral change.

Julie’s book, The Human Side of Changing Education, was published by Corwin Press in 2018.

What did you think??

I want to hear from you! What did you learn from today’s episode that you can start implementing to step into leadership in your business?


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