{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #47: Easy self-care strategies for entrepreneurs

Selfcare with Kathryn Ford Richter

Today on the Savvy Business show I talk with Savvy Business Mastermind member Kathryn Ford Richter. We are talking all about why self-care is crucial to your business.

With a background in Nursing and a Yoga Instructor, Kathryn knows the importance of self-care. You guys burnout is real…are you making time for fun and relaxation?

You are always going to have things to do. But if you are giving so much to others, what is left for you at the end?

Take an honest look at what is going on in your life and in your business and then get clear on what you really want. Then carve time for yourself.

It’s not about manicures and pedicures but it means being mindful of and tending to your own daily needs. It’s not just a trend or something else to add to your list of things to do.

Often, when we attempt to meet the needs of family, employers, kids, friends, or society before meeting our own needs. We hinder our self-care routines and actually make ourselves less able to be positive influences in the lives of those around us.

Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish — in fact, it will allow you to show up for the people you love in a more real and impactful way. It’s realizing when you need to step away and refill your cup.

Next time you are feeling worn out try practicing your own self-care routine.

Listen Now:

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Kathryn’s story from Nurse to Coach
  • Strategies you can put into action

About Kathryn:

Kathryn Ford Richter, BSN, RN is a Self Care and Mindset Coach. She helps business owners, healthcare and other professionals create a thriving career by designing a life based around self care. Her holistic background as a nurse, yoga instructor and essential oils educator reflect in her work with clients. She offers them various tools to help reduce fear, let go of guilt and increase confidence by taking continuous actions ultimately leading to a happier, healthier and successful life and business. It is her mission to coach as many people as possible so they can feel balanced and have more energy to share their light with the world.

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I want to hear from you! What does healthy self-care look like for you? 


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