{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #49: How to bring the energy every day

Savvy Business Show Episode 49

I’m so excited to chat with Sunita today and for you to hear more about Nepali Tea Traders a woman run, Boston based company. Starting heir company with ‘why’ in mind and how they could help the world.

English as a Second Language

First, we talk about English as a second language and how hard it was coming to the United States. Although writing in English was a taught in both of our childhoods we didn’t grow up speaking it and learning how to speak English. 

Co-Owning a Business with your Partner

Next, you’ll hear Sunita talk about co-owning a business with her husband. Before Nepali Tea Traders Sunita always said she would never work with her husband – I’m sure there are several of us who have said the same thing. If you have the drive everything is figure out-able. The key here is to have boundaries – when to talk about work, when to put the phones away, and when to be fully family mode. It is so easy to fall into the all work trap. 

The energy in your Business

As a mom, wife and running a business Sunita brings the energy to her business every day. She didn’t start out like this day one it has become an evolving process. To have control of her day, she needs to know where her energy goes and with this, in mind, she has created her daily ritual that brings the energy. 

One tip is that it’s not about what life throws your way but how you handle it that makes all the difference. I will allow you to guard your energy. This comes with lots of practice. 

Today as an added bonus you can download for free the Wheel of Life below and you can visually see what you putting into each area of your life. Go download it today and see what you are putting your intentions into and what are you getting out of it so you can make the adjustments your life and business.

Finally, we talk about what Sunita loves about being in The Savvy Business Masterminds group. For her, the community has been the most impactful for her by meeting an amazing group of women on the same journey. Although coming from different backgrounds she has the opportunity to learn a lot of different perspectives and accountability. She also loves being able to feel support in sharing her wins and failures with a group of women who are cheering her on. 

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    Fill out the wheel of life through the lens of what you’re putting into each specific area of your life, how you’re showing up in each area. Once you’ve completed each area – see what aha’s and takeaways you get and what action you’d like to take to make small, meaningful, and intentional changes. 

    In this episode you’ll hear:

    • Bring the energy of your business every day. 
    • Running a business with your partner. 
    • English as a second language. 
    • Nepali Tea Traders and the impact they are having in the world.

    About Sunita:

    Savvy Business Show Episode 49Sunita is a believer, who is focused on changing lives of the girls through education,’ one cup of tea at a time’. She runs Nepali Tea Traders that focuses on bringing pure, organic loose leaf teas from local farmers in Nepal. Her perseverance, consistent drive and outstanding work ethic has made her successful in life and career. She loves her family and enjoys seeing the world through her four year old’s eyes – everything looks so beautiful.


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