{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #51: How to manage and run your business remotely

On today’s Savvy Business Show, Hanneke talks with Savvy Business Mastermind member Janet Mesh.  We are talking about how you can set your business up remotely – even if you have a business that isn’t remote. 

From freelance to a multi six-figure business, Janet Mesh talks about becoming location independent in her business. After a combination of burnout and loss of interest in the role, it was a great opportunity to leave corporate and start her own business.

Want in on a big secret

You can’t do it ALL! If you want to scale you have to hire help! Hire people who do, things better than you so you can focus on your zone of genius. 

Here are a few things you can do to make sure your business is set up to run remotely.

One is to find a project management tool that works for you! This is going to be key when running a team who is remote because this allows for communication within a project.

It will allow everyone to see what is going on in each specific project, such as, what you need to be handling and reviewing, what needs follow up, a task that still needs to be completed, etc. For the visual person, this tool is great for being able to visually see the progression of projects.  

Another thing that is super important to allow your business to run smoothly and efficiently is to have systems and processes in place. 

An operations manual is documenting processes the how and why you do things a certain way. If you don’t have this start today. Ask each team member to write down what they do and how they do it.

You can do this by recording videos and documenting them in a guide so that your team can access them at any time. When someone is out sick or needs to leave anyone can step in and take their place. 

Lastly, it can be a challenge in knowing how your team is feeling since they are all remote. So its good to be aware and check in with your team regularly. This will ensure your team feels safe and comfortable.

A good way to do this is a semi-annual retreat to check in with your team and it allows you to build a company culture. 

To dive in more listen below.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Tools to help run your business remotely
  • Key actions in running a remote business
  • Ways to build a team and company culture when everyone works remotely

About Janet:

Janet is the CEO + Co-founder of Aimtal.

She works directly with her clients to provide exceptional digital and content marketing services.Aimtal supports businesses in the tech consulting, SaaS, and eCommerce industries.

Janet’s passion for marketing didn’t stop after college or many internships related to the field. Upon graduation, she worked for an IT staffing firm and helped grow their marketing strategies and department.

After three years with the firm, Janet craved flexibility and creativity. She traveled through South America for four months and upon her return to Boston, she started freelancing.

Janet worked with various clients providing digital and content marketing services. After two years of full-time freelancing, Janet decided to start Aimtal with her business partner.

Together, they have built the agency to allow the team to work remotely and to also support clients remotely. Janet believes that employees deliver their best work when they have the freedom and flexibility to work and live from their favorite spots in the world.


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