{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #53: Five lessons from running a startup

Today on the Savvy Business Show I have the pleasure of talking with Savvy Business Mastermind member Claire Ransom of Lazy Flora. Lazy Flora is the Hello Fresh of Plants.

We talk about the five lessons learned from running a start-up from punching down the barriers of your expectations to simply getting started.

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Lesson 1

Just do it. Start by taking tiny steps to move forward and investing in yourself. Consistent action is where you are going to see the results.

We overestimate what we can accomplish in a year and underestimate what we can accomplish in three.

This is true for whatever time frame you want to give it. We overestimate what we can accomplish in a week and underestimate what we can accomplish in a month.

Lesson 2

Trusting your own intuition. You are capable of doing so much more. There is a lot of noise out there and you need to stop listening to everyone’s talk that doesn’t know you or your business personally or intimately.

You are an expert in your business and no ones know it better than you.

Lesson 3

Prioritize exercise. You have to start looking at yourself like an athlete – high-performance mode. Exercise, nutrition and sleep are at the top of this list.

Making these three things a priority will help you to be more clear in your thinking. Allowing you to make better decisions in your business and feel more at peace with yourself.

Lesson 4

Hiring a team. Trust your instinct about hiring a team. You have to have a connection with the people you hire. You have to believe that they will bring you up.

Find a team with a diverse skill set to help you. Allow your team to manage up. What does that mean? It means that you allow them to manage you letting you know what they think you can do better or improve on.

Lesson 5

Everything takes longer than you expect from launch to marketing plans. At the start of a business, there is such a steep learning curve. You’ll see this curve each time you add something new and it takes a little bit longer.

To dive in more listen below.

Listen Now:

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The 5 lessons learned from running a startup.
    • Just do it – taking action
    • Trust your intuition
    • Prioritize Exercise
    • Hiring a team
    • It takes longer than you expect

About Claire:

Claire Ransom is the Founder of Lazy Flora.

Lazy Flora is the UK’s top garden plant subscription service, which has been awarded The Independent’s Best Buy. Lazy Flora delivers beautiful plants, on subscription: like Hello Fresh, for plants!


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