{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #55: Own Your Biological Clock & Own Your Future

Today on the Savvy Business Show we talk with Radell Peischler of Fertility Boss.

Radell shares her story and how she’s is speaking knowledge to women who aren’t aware of their options.

Life happens fast and lots of factors play a role in why we are having kids later in life. Such as…

  • More debt when you leave college
  • More options available
  • Traveling more
  • Multiple careers

As an entreprenuer I hear a lot of entrepreneurs are saying “I’m not there yet, I don’t have the  income level so I’m going to wait.”

Women are getting educated and they are smart and know what they want. So they are establishing something in their lives that is not a family yet but they want one later.

However, while you wait there are options that you can ask your OBGYN about. Fertility declines as you get older. But there are resources available that can let you know your ovarian fertility reserve.

You’ll have to advocate for yourself because everyone is busy and its not always a subject that even doctors what to talk with you about. Don’t be afraid to ask.

There is a test available that is a series of blood work to analyze your hormones along with a vaginal ultrasound and based on your results identify the next steps available for you. 

Don’t be afraid to change doctors and find one in your corner.

Egg Freezing

Let’s dive into a little more about egg freezing.

While Radelle agrees that it is a great option available for women its not for everyone. Some things to consider if it’s a good fit for you. 

  • Making sure your doctor has been practicing for a long time and is board certified. 
  • Ovarian test to make sure you meet the requirements first
  • Birth control to sync your cycle 
  • A really good clinic will want to see you in the beginning daily. 

Note: Your body releases one egg per month – by using egg freezing you are using certain medicines to enhance your body to release more eggs per month.

You can absolutely do your normal day through the process until egg retrieval day. Radell sugget to plan that day off and rest.

The amount of time your eggs can remain frozen will vary based on the age you freeze your eggs and your health. Listen to what your doctor recommends.

Empower yourself with knowledge and ask questions.

For more resources visit Radell at Fertility Boss

To dive in more listen below.

Listen Now:

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Radell and Hanneke met
  • Radell’s story
  • More about the process of egg freezing

About Radell:

Radell is a certified health coach and certified meeting and event planner that has worked all over the globe to bring groups of people from 50 to 150,000 together.

Now she pursues her passion of helping single or divorced women come together to talk about their fertility health, owning their biological clock as well as their fabulous future.  She publishes a weekly conversation and podcast at www.fertilityboss.com.


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