{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #59: Balancing business and family!

Today, on the Savvy Business Show I talk with Carolyn Salinetti about balancing business and family. Carolyn is a member of the Savvy Business Masterminds.

With 2 energetic toddlers, Carolyn is aware of the challenges facing women who are balancing business and family. She acknowledges the daily struggles of both. Carolyn is a daily advocate and supporter of her community of female entrepreneurs. 

Carolyn has loved decorating/designing since she was little. In the past two years, Carolyn started a business and while pregnant she got her first client.

She says, “I made it work with a baby and then over the past few years the business has really taken off.” Caroline has a great referral network.

What have been the biggest challenges of running your business with toddlers? 

Finding time to work.

I had the clients but it was hard to have time to do the work really well. Life is unpredictable with kids and trying to be the best for my clients. Little by little I’ve added more childcare so that I can really focus on my clients on the days my kids go to daycare.

The question always is, can you add more childcare.

When you have childcare you can really be present because you can find that balance of this is where I am today. You can be fully in your business on those days and really focus on the kids the other days. 

It’s refreshing to have a balance of both work and kids. Carolyn gets to do what she loves and has less mom guilt. She says, “this allows her to be more patient with my kids knowing I have a full workday tomorrow.” Bringing more joy and allowing the space to pour into both. 

Some advice for moms balancing businss and family:

  • Start before you are ready. 
  • Don’t worry about how slowly it’s going. As long as you are taking steps forward. You will get there. 
  • Patience and flexibility. 
  • Try to find other people doing the same thing – finding a community to support you and believe in you before you believe in yourself. 

Organize your space with kids:

  • Keep your place you relax free from toys, at minimum put all the toys away every night. So you create the space to relax.
  • If you are working from home create a nook you can get away from toys or kid noise. 

You can find Caroline at Blissful Interiors or on Instagram.

To dive in more listen below.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The biggest challenge of running a business with toddlers
  • Tips on balancing business and family
  • Tips on organizing your home to create balance

About Carolyn:

Carolyn Salinetti is the owner of Blissful Interiors, an interior design firm based in Melrose, MA. She delights in helping clients transform their homes into their favorite places to be by tackling projects both large and small, from complete room redesigns and color consultations to holiday decor and home staging. Carolyn also specializes in e-design services and works with clients beyond the greater Boston area to achieve their dream spaces through a highly collaborative process that takes place entirely via email and phone and video calls.

As a mom to two adorable and energetic toddlers, Carolyn is well aware of the challenges facing women who run their own businesses as well as their households. She acknowledges the daily struggles and is an outspoken advocate for and supporter of her community of female entrepreneurs.


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