Pressure: It’s Killing Your Business

This week on the Savvy Business Show I took a closer look at pressure. This theme has been doing the rounds in my mastermind programs, private coaching sessions, and yes – I’ve also wrestled with this one personally.

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I’m a recovering pressure addict!

More specifically I discussed:

– Internal and external pressure
– Why it’s important for you to know where your pressure’s coming from
– How to identify what pressure feels like for you
– How to let the pressure go

Pressure’s been top of mind kids…. I even posted about it on social media this weekend, here’s what I said:

I have a tendency to take myself and life too seriously. Part of that comes from years of conditioning to “be or do something perfect” in my ballet and music classes, and school in general… I internalized all of this into beliefs that things have to be perfect, serious and HARD.

There was a time and place when this behavior served me. But recently the lesson has become so clear while running my biz and working with my coach: When I apply pressure I F sh*t up {BIG TIME}! Having fun and being spontaneous can feel unsafe. BUT I am grateful for people in my life like my mastermind buddies ( @nicoleotchy@joshk_cpa@susan_eckstein@saraintonato@suzy_ashworth@thetaranewman @lisacarpenterinc AND my fun-loving hubby @antonellivisualmedia) who believe in me and can hold me accountable in my persuit to have more fun and show more of ME in my biz.

And I’m also grateful for strong brave women like @sweatwithlaurenhefez and @meg_thrivebody who embody and mirror what it looks like to be 100% YOU and have fun, be spontaneous and passionate to us all. Thank you ladies 😘

Cheers to having MORE FUN!! ”

Watch the episode now. Let’s remove the pressure once and for all so you can flow and work with more ease.


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