Pricing your business services for sustainability in tricky economic times

We’ve been walloped with inflation and more uncertain economic times. Have you adjusted your pricing? Listen to this quick clip from seven-figure business owner Janice Carte, where we talk pricing and landing ideal clients. Listen to the clip, and you’ll learn:

  • What to remember when it comes to pricing and your brand position 
  • How service providers can land more ideal clients 

Moments to note at minute:

1:22 The top mistakes you are seeing in businesses and business owners make.

4:07 How to see the opportunities for growth and scaling?

7:13 Letting go of what isn’t working to allow room for what you want.

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Janice Carte

At Tiny Spoon Chef, we love creating meals that serve as the backdrop to new relationships, great conversations, and lasting memories.

Food is how we mark time, create rituals, and make meaning. It is profoundly intimate and universal. Food is a great unifier.

I created this company to connect families with deeply skilled Chefs. I am at the core, a problem solver, nourisher, and connector. Food is sacred, and when humans are supported by the ritual of food, our lives are elevated.