{Podcast} Doing this will propel you into action!

I recently listened to a podcast by Biz Chix where the topic focused on the importance of remembering that no one has their shit together.

In the podcast, she shares how easy it is for all of us to think that other people have it all so together. Especially when we’re scrolling through Instagram and see everyone else’s “fabulous highlight reel”.

And it’s so easy to then think that that person has the perfect systems; that their business is all unicorns and rainbows…and that got me thinking of how we keep ourselves back from achieving success because we think we have to be, do and have everything perfect ALWAYS.

And just how much pressure that puts on us!

So in today’s episode, I share tips and strategies to help you let go of things “being perfect” before you start. Because the truth is that you’ll be waiting forever if you wait for them to be perfect.

Have a listen now:

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How do you get over the “things have to be perfect” habit? What was your biggest aha for yourself in today’s episode?

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