Reflection as a growth strategy

On today’s episode we are going to discuss how reflection helps you to get better results, and accelerate growth. I’ll also share a powerful resource that you can use to help you cultivate your weekly reflection process.

As Albert Einstein’s famous quote states:

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

I tend to see that business owners are all geniuses, learning from big mistakes and making sure that they understand them and correct those missteps in the future to get better results.

What about those smaller, less obvious ones? How do you spot those and ensure that you don’t keep making those?

You don’t just have to wait for only big mistakes to happen for you to learn or accelerate business growth.

Drawing from Einstein’s wisdom: we can be geniuses more often.

Suppose you want better/different results because you’re a high-achieving entrepreneur who wants to reach your full potential.

It’s time that you start measuring your progress on a regular basis so you can identify what new actions need to be taken instead.


By allowing yourself time to reflect and debrief regularly.

In my work with clients, I usually help them develop a weekly practice of reflection, using my CEO Power Sheet — which you can download right now.

By doing the The Up Level Growth Sheet regularly, it helps my clients to:

See what’s working? What keeps them motivated?

They can then build on those strategies and amplify them. Allowing consistent action in a direction that will offer the results they desire and eventually create lots of effortless momentum.

Notice what’s not working and make adjustments faster.

When you hold these debrief meetings weekly with your team or when you finish a big project, it allows you to spot inefficiencies, identify where you can improve, and adjust things faster, helping you course-correct with more ease.

Help you stay focused:
Checking in on where you’re at, where you want to weekly, helps you stay focused and consistent. And we all know that consistent action is the secret sauce of building success. 

Saves time and create more freedom:
By bringing focus to actions that give the results you want, you’ll waste less time on energy-draining activities. This will help you create more freedom in your business.

Helps you grow:
In the Up Level League Mastermind and my 6-week Up Level Program, we spend a lot of time cultivating awareness about entrepreneurs’ personal-development and growth

Continuing with Einstein’s theory:
Getting better results means cultivating awareness about those actions that are holding you back.

Fact is: Whether you are doing focused personal development work or not, you’re always evolving as a human; you’re changing. 

And because you’re constantly changing, your needs and desires will be changing as well. These factors will significantly influence how you operate in your business; it will impact your motivation and, of course, your actions too.

When you are aware of this growth, you can harness it to accelerate the results you want. Also allowing you to make adjustments to ensure that you stay fulfilled in your business. 

Taking time to reflect helps you track how you’re changing as a business owner and will help you run your business differently. This will align better with the results you want. 

For instance, in a recent CEO yearly review with one of our Up Level Program members, the client figured out that they had completely changed from who they were when they first started their business. 

Yet, they were still running their business as though they were still the person they were way back when.

Running their business from that vantage point significantly impacted their future vision of what the company could become.

In short, not stepping into who they had become and thinking about their business in that way held back future business growth opportunities. 

So let’s do a quick recap. In this episode, you learned that:

  1. If you want different results, you have to start doing things differently (And stay tuned for next week’s episode to get the formula to help you DO things differently and uplevel your results.)
  2. How reflection helps you to better your results by helping you:
    1. Identify what’s working and what’s not
    2. Save time and create more freedom
    3. Help personal development which accelerates business growth
  3. Remember to download your The Up Level Growth Sheet and start holding your weekly CEO meetings with yourself as well!