Resiliency and Money Mindset

In today’s episode of The Up Level Podcast, we have a special guest. This special guest is the editor of this podcast, the go-to video guy, and also my husband.

Robert Antonelli the owner of Antonelli Visual Media, and today he is going to talk with us about how his resiliency routine and money mindset have helped during a time that has severely impacted his business not just in 2020 but in 2021.

Like many entrepreneurs making a shift in their businesses to not only accommodate their clients but their selves.

In this episode we to talk about the things that have helped him show up every single day and continue on despite uncertainty and challenges.

Robert runs a video production company whose primary focuses on weddings. This has made a huge impact on the financial budget well into 2021.

He has joined me to develop a resiliency routine that works for us. You might be asking yourself how do you get a partner to start a resiliency routine with you that perhaps they were hesitant to do before.

Robert taken these steps to focus on his resiliency routine


Starting his day with meditation allows him to get present with himself. This helps him to not have tunnel vision and control stress so that he can focus on possible solutions. It has allowed him to release attachment to the outcomes that were supposed to happen.

Focusing on the Money Mindset

Letting go of the worry where money will come from and letting go of worry that you won’t get any more business because it is out of your control.

This opens up your mind to allow you to focus on new opportunities that can come your way. It is a time where you allow your business to grow in the direction that it should. Opening his business up for innovation.

Remember that this will not always be the thing that you want to do, but when you have this routine you will see results. Having a resiliency routine and money mindset makes you more resilient, helps you to adapt, to bounce back, and to move forward.

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