This is Killing Your Business: Pressure

Today’s Savvy Business Show talks about cool ways to grow your business and “pressure”, is one thing killing your business.

Overcoming internal & external fears as one of the key growth strategies in building businesses.

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Let’s dive in…

Unpacking pressure:

  • Types of pressure: Internal & External
  • Where pressure comes from?
  • Ideas on how to become aware of it.
  • How to get rid of it?

External pressure includes stuff where we’re comparing ourselves with others through social media etc. thinking we should be further along, doing something that we’re not.

This creates a feeling of OMG, I should be doing this, I should be doing that.

Cool way of realizing pressure around external forces is to realize if you’re using phrases like “I should be” or “we should be”.

What this actually means is that you’re going against “what you want to be doing” in growing your business!

Internal pressure deals more with internalized feelings where one feels, I have to be perfect and things have to be perfect at all times, else I’m not happy.

As a result of too much internal pressure, it actually makes one not perform well.

So this striving to be ‘perfect’, having to be ‘should be something’ that it’s not, takes the fun out of business, makes it hard work, super anxious and as a result, nothing gets accomplished.

Situation changes to growth in business as soon as we make these feelings go away where we’re sort of conditioned to behave in a way looking at for example Corporate America or teachings of our schools etc., that you need to work work work hard, you gotta push further, really hustle, do your thing, creates a lot of internal pressure.

Bottom line: pressure robs us of our creativity, it makes us anxious, it gets us all stressed out, it makes us do all the busy work, it overwhelms us, and work becomes counterproductive, counter-intuitive and we really need to let that go.

Cool ways to grow business by overcoming the pressure

  • Become aware of where you’re applying too much pressure, stifling growth.
  • Identify fears around the project you’re working on.
  • Dig deep into your fears and come up with solutions.
  • Exercise daily and try enjoying your work vs. busy with the busywork.
  • Basically, do what feels aligned with your circumstances and who you are.


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