STOP: before you interview that business coach — do this!

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Hopping back to your series on hiring the best coach for you! In case you missed my first article, click here to see what to do before you start looking for a coach. 

Coaching is an unregulated industry, which means that anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a coach. And over the last year, a lot of people pivoted to business coaching in particular. I’m here to help ensure that you hire a qualified and experienced coach for exactly what your business needs next (even if that means I have to refer you to someone else!) 

So let’s help you do that. 

What to do before you book that call with a prospective coach: 

1 – Read & Watch

Before you go ahead and book a discovery call with a coach, make sure that you do your homework about the person. 

  • Read up about their experience.
  • What were they doing before they started their coaching practice?
  • Do they have a coaching certification?
  • What type of coaching certification is it?
  • Is their certification through a legit organization and an affiliate of the ICF — The International Coaches Federation (this is the gold standard affiliate body for the coaching industry.)
  • Is it another type of certification like: Quantum flow, Reiki, or something else and who did they get that certification through? 
  • Do you feel like their background, qualifications, and experience are aligned with the areas that you’re struggling with? 
  • Look at their case studies: are they serving clients who are at the same level/size/industry as your business?
  • If you’re looking to get more clients → someone with a strong marketing background may be ideal. 
  • If you do business with corporate clients → look for someone with experience in the corporate world. 
  • If you need help with your team, systems, strategies, and leadership → look for a coach who specializes in all these areas. 
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Remember — there’s more to business than just mindset or just getting clients/marketing. Especially if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you want to make sure that you hire someone who knows and understands how to improve all areas of your business, including:

  • Vision & Goals 
  • Systems & Processes
  • Leadership, delegation, hiring, and management
  • Cashflow & Profit

Stay tuned for the next article: Interview questions to ask your coach → coming Dec 7th!

I hope this was helpful and you now have a better understanding of who to look for. Please feel free to ask questions below. 


If you’re having trouble with any of the above — I’d be happy to hop on a quick call with you to identify what and who you need to hire to help you prosper in 2022. 


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