{Podcast} Mastermind Member: Your Brand Story + Why

Your Brand Story + Why

{Podcast} Mastermind Member: Your Brand Story + Why

I’m so delighted to have you listen to today’s podcast episode of The Savvy Business Show. Why? Because we speak with one of our mastermind members, and Savvy CEO of Nepali Tea Traders, Sunita Joshi. We dive deep into your brand story and your why.

Sunita has such a moving story behind her and her husband buying Nepali Tea Traders and why they did it. Trust me you’re not going to want to miss this one.

We also take a few minutes to discuss what she’s loved about being a member of the Savvy Business Mastermind most.

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Sunita’s feedback on being part of The Savvy Business Masterminds:

“This mastermind with Hanneke has connected me to the like-minded-people, has offered a safe space to be vulnerable, strategic and boosted my confidence to pursue my big dreams. After joining this mastermind, I have taken actions and conducted a tea tasting/education class and have closed on numerous accounts. Hanneke, I cannot thank you enough for being who you are and pushing us to take ACTIONS!”


{Podcast} Mastermind Member: Your Brand Story + Why

About Sunita:

Nepali Tea Traders offers premium, artisan and organic award-winning teas from Nepal. Our mission is to help build a sustainable tea economy in Nepal, providing Nepal’s tea farmers fair prices and their fair share of profit.

I am a proud woman, a business owner, wife and mom who grew up in a male-dominated society in Nepal and have a strong desire to lead by example to bridge that gap. I am committed to creating a space for Nepal in the world tea Map and also personally and professionally committed to providing education to the children (one child at a time).

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