{Podcast} Mastermind Member: Your Brand Story + Why

Your Brand Story + Why

{Podcast} Mastermind Member: Your Brand Story + Why

I’m so delighted to have you listen to today’s podcast episode of The Savvy Business Show. Why? Because we speak with one of our mastermind┬ámembers, and Savvy CEO of Nepali Tea Traders, Sunita Joshi. We dive deep into your brand story and your why.

Sunita has such a moving story behind her and her husband buying Nepali Tea Traders and why they did it. Trust me you’re not going to want to miss this one.

We also take a few minutes to discuss what she’s loved about being a member of the Savvy Business Mastermind most.

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Sunita’s feedback on being part of The Savvy Business Masterminds:

“This mastermind with Hanneke has connected me to the like-minded-people, has offered a safe space to be vulnerable, strategic and boosted my confidence to pursue my big dreams. After joining this mastermind, I have taken actions and conducted a tea tasting/education class and have closed on numerous accounts. Hanneke, I cannot thank you enough for being who you are and pushing us to take ACTIONS!”


{Podcast} Mastermind Member: Your Brand Story + Why

About Sunita:

Nepali Tea Traders offers premium, artisan and organic award-winning teas from Nepal. Our mission is to help build a sustainable tea economy in Nepal, providing Nepal’s tea farmers fair prices and their fair share of profit.

I am a proud woman, a business owner, wife and mom who grew up in a male-dominated society in Nepal and have a strong desire to lead by example to bridge that gap. I am committed to creating a space for Nepal in the world tea Map and also personally and professionally committed to providing education to the children (one child at a time).

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