How I make big business decisions (fast — without overthinking) – and overcome decision fatigue

How I make big business decisions (fast — without overthinking) – and overcome decision fatigue

As you know, I recently revealed the cover of my book. Delivering the final product, required a lot of decision-making. And in today’s episode, I’m going to pull back the curtain. I tell you more about the decision-making process I’ve followed while making all the million little decisions about the book.

Speaking about decision fatigue, the post-book-writing process has given me a little bit of that.  There have been a gazillion little decisions that are needed (and are still being made). 

Picking the book cover was just one of many choices that required lots of bandwidth. I often get people asking me about how I make decisions faster. And I shared some of those insights with you in Episode 76, I focused specifically on how you use your goals and values to make business decisions. In today’s episode, I’ll show you how I used some of the insights from that episode in action in my business and more.

1 – Stop trying to make the PERFECT decision and release shoulda, coulda, woulda:

Before the book cover — there was the choosing of the photos to put in as contenders to win the spot on the cover of my book. 

I laid awake for quite a few nights about these decisions because there were so many to choose from.

Which one would be the perfect one?
Did I really do the best poses?
And I shoulda done this and that, etc.

The picture I really wanted and thought was the absolute most perfect one had a little bit of camera shake on it. And so, I had to go with one that was quite similar and had to choose to not obsess over it being absolutely perfect. I had to lean into knowing that that photo would do just as well and remember that I’m the only one who would notice.

After the new cover was chosen with the slightly different cover, my VA went  — you’re going to have to tell me what the difference is please — I can’t see it! 

Proof that obsessing over the tiny little itsy bitsy details is a huge waste of time — no one else is going to notice them. So stop trying to be perfect. 

Instead, ask yourself: What’s the best decision that will bring me closer to my goal?

big business choices

2: Outsource some of the decision-making to overcome decision fatigue: 

I hired a team of people who are experts at book launching, design, branding etc. So, I stood back and let them shine at what they were good at; only coming in at certain points of the decision-making process. 

This allowed me to free up some much-needed bandwidth to focus on the stuff that I’m an expert at… coaching, selling, and personal outreach to promote the book.

3 – Understanding whose opinions I attach weight to: 

So, there were five great cover mock-ups, and they were all very different. (my VIP Launch Team got to see them — if you’d like to join the team, be sure to click the link in the show notes to join us, and you’ll get a free copy of my book and other behind-the-scenes perks too!.)

Anyhow — Like most people, I also sometimes look for validation from others. So, naturally, I shared the five mock-ups with a few close friends. This led to conflicting opinions, most of my friends were picking the photos that most represented me as their bubbly friend.

Their feedback left me more confused. It’s then that I took a shot of my own medicine. To make the best decisions and guard me against overwhelm, analysis paralysis, procrastination, overthinking… I stopped asking others for their feedback.

Centering around my target market which is entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses and create more freedom. I turned to the team of experts and a few of my mastermind friends who are in my target market. They all picked the cover that I knew in my gut was the best one! 

4 – Trust your gut and know yourself

I do a lot of work to stay present and centered. And trust me I spin out quite a bit but throughout the years I’ve learned to try to be patient and make important decisions once I’m more grounded (this is also something that’s in alignment with my personality type. 

By using my gut and understanding myself, my goals, and my business needs; also helps me to make the best decision with the information that I have at hand in at a particular moment.

5: Choosing to release doubt and worry: 

Finally, I shift my focus away from obsessing over whether I’m doing the perfectly right thing, as that only makes me doubt myself more and brings on unwanted and very unproductive worries 

Instead,  I focus, on how I can take action on the decisions I make, and make those decisions work (and of course give myself permission to change course if need be!). 

Quick formula to make the best decisions: 

  1. What is your long-term vision – What options bring you closer to that vision?
  2. What are your values  – What options are in alignment with your values?
  3. Numbers and Facts – What will the financial impact be and what are the facts telling you about the options at hand?

Eliminate all the options that don’t align with what you discovered after answering the above questions.
Looking at the options that you’re not left with: What’s your instinct and inner wisdom guiding you to do here? 

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