Are you ruining your festive season doing this?

It’s official – the festive season is in full swing and I hope you’re enjoying it!

This weekend we had some friends over for a drink and snacks to celebrate our new place. When we originally made the plans our friends could only stay for a little while as their social calendar was double booked with holiday parties.

As soon as they arrived however, they declared something that made my ears pop: “You know what, we’re not going to go to the other event anymore. We’ve decided there really is no need to overbook ourselves. It only turns to a mad rush and is no longer enjoyable.”

That’s right – they gave themselves permission to simply say no and rather enjoy fewer parties more thoroughly vs many parties all stressed out! Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Be honest – how many people, including yourself do you know who get completely stressed out this time of year? Wouldn’t it be nice to take things at a slower pace?

It sounded so amazing to me that I decided to kick it up, or shall we say down, even more. If you follow me on social media, prepare for some serious silence. I’ll be retreating to South Africa to visit my family and normally I’d stay quite connected and post a bunch, but this year I plan to only connect one day a week… That’s right I’m going cold turkey on the tech front starting Thursday.

Why? You see just like all of us – it’s been a crazy busy year for me and a while ago I realized I was feeling a little burnt out. I was craving time to reflect, plan and let my creativity flow. As a life coach I am constantly preaching that you must listen to your inner wisdom, so now I’m going to take my own advice!

I’m going to give in to this craving to, allow myself to slow down, disconnect and be present in my time with family and friends. Are you feeling the same? If you are, I challenge you to follow my lead – take some time for you, especially if you’re hoping to make 2016 a successful one! Do some reflecting on what was good this year and really get clear on what you want for the new year!

Have you already started to unplug and slow down? What’s your favorite way to unplug and be present during the Holidays?