Limiting beliefs that are killing you slowly and softly.

IMG_7309I’ve realized in working with my clients and through my own personal experience that there are 3 common limiting beliefs that keep most of us from making successful transitions to careers and lives we love! These 3 culprits keep us stuck in unfulfilling jobs that have an extremely negative impact on our health and relationships.

We’re often completely oblivious to these limiting beliefs and the only way we experience them is through feelings of overwhelm or being paralyzed by the fear they create.


These 3 limiting beliefs are:
  1. You think that your perfect job and life will just magically rock up in your life one day, without you taking any responsibility or doing any introspective work to figure out exactly what it is that you want for yourself.
  2. You think all career and life transitions are hard.
  3. You want to have it all planned out perfectly before you take any action towards the next chapter in your life.

Here’s what will happen when you keep holding on to these limiting beliefs:

NOTHING! You’ll stay stuck.

So how do you work through these beliefs to become unstuck?
  1. Becoming aware of them.
  2. Know that these thoughts and beliefs are not set in stone and you can flip them
  3. Know what your fears are surrounding these limiting beliefs and how it’s keeping you stuck.

When you can own your fear and identify the limiting beliefs that are causing them you can move through them. (I spend a lot of time helping my clients with this  and in my Ultimate Career Bootcamp an entire module is dedicated to working through fear and self-sabotages.)

The important thing to remember is that you do hold the power to create your own reality. You can flip any and all limiting beliefs to live a more fulfilling life and find a successful career.

The first step to doing this:

Giving yourself permission to explore and step into the unknown.


Now I’d like to hear from you: Are you currently feeling stuck? Do any of these limiting beliefs resonate with you? Tell me which one holds you back in the comments below.

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