How to combat job search fatigue

Job search fatigue: we’ve probably all been there before. This normally happens when you’re unhappy in your current position and you’re desperately trying to find another. You end up spending all of your free time applying to jobs and it becomes overwhelming. Soon you have zero energy and feel even more miserable than you did before you started looking for a new position.

The question then becomes: How does one prevent burnout during your job search process while keeping yourself positive?

This was exactly what one of the members from the audience from General Assembly’s #OFFCAMPUS event asked me after my talk last week on career development and finding what you love.

I have personally struggled to strike that positive balance while feeling like I’m making progress in my job search efforts.

Here are my tips to help you have more zest during your job hunt:
  1. Come up with a manageable and realistic plan that will support your energy levels. It’s true: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” You have to make sure that you leave time in your schedule to socialize with friends and get to the gym.
  2. Speaking of getting to the gym, everyone already knows that going there gives you more energy. Those endorphins you release while exercising makes you happier and less stressed too! Seriously – make sure you incorporate exercise in your routine.
  3. Be patient and know that landing the right job will take time.
  4. Be consistent and persistent in your search for the perfect profession.
  5. When and what are you eating? Believe it or not, the times you eat and what you consume really do matter for more reasons than just wanting to look good. It also has a huge effect on your mood and energy levels. Make sure you fill up often on good nourishing foods to help boost your positivity. (If you want to learn more on this topic I highly recommend you read the “Happiness True Recipe” by Will Marré.)



Lastly, watch the first two tips in Marie Forleo’s video below to help you stay on top of your game:

Now I’d love to hear from you! Have you had job search fatigue before? How did you overcome it? Also feel free to ask me any of your pressing career transitions questions!